The Young Outlaw - Chapter Five

Brett awoke and winced as he stretched. His bottom still ached, even though it
wasn't burning as much. He peeked over at Jalen and was startled to see bright
emerald green eyes looking back at him. "Feelin' better?" The Sheriff asked,
placing a large warm hand on the younger man's shoulder and squeezing gently.

Brett pouted. "My bottom still hurts." He complained.

Jalen nodded and smiled slightly. "Yes, it's supposed to and I'm sure it will
for a while." He eased from the bed and gathered up the britches and underpants
he had stripped off Brett earlier and said, "Let's get you dressed."

Brett's bright blue eyes widened. "You're goin' to make me get dressed?"

Jalen nodded. "Yes, you still have a writin' assignment to complete."

"I thought you said we could start new." Brett pointed out.

"We are. I'm givin' you the assignment to write your letters." The older man
scooped Brett out of bed and stood him on his feet. He bent down with the young
man's underpants in his hands and said, "Raise your foot."

Brett obediently raised one foot and then the other and Jalen slipped the young
man's underpants on trying not to let his eyes linger where they wanted to and
Brett hissed as the Sheriff pulled the garment as carefully as he could over the
still tender flesh. He repeated the process with the young outlaw's britches and
Brett tucked in his shirt and fastened them up. The older man helped him into
his boots and snatching a pillow off the bed brought it with him out to the
office where he put it on the chair and then said to Brett, "Sit and work on
your lesson. I'll go over to the café for our lunch and bring it back here. We
can eat together and you can finish your assignment."

Bret scowled at Jalen and Jalen arched an eyebrow. "I expect you to be here when
I get back and to have some of your writin' assignment finished." He told the
young outlaw.

Bret thought about arguing, but the ache in his bottom reminded him he might
want to make a different decision this time. The young man squirmed on the
pillow and nodded. "Yes Sir." He said and set to work putting pencil to paper.


When Jalen returned with their meal he was pleased to see Brett diligently
working on his assignment. The Sheriff regarded his charge. He found himself
fascinated by the way the young outlaw's black curls fell over his forehead and
how his hand pushed them aside. Clearing his throat he walked over as Brett
looked up. Glancing at the paper on the desk he saw that Brett had made good
progress. "Looks good." Jalen remarked.

Brett looked up and something inside happened when he met those wonderful green
eyes. It was like a string on an instrument being plucked and he could feel the
thrum inside himself. He wondered at it for a moment. "Thanks." He replied a
little confused by the sensation.

"You may stop that now. It's time for us to eat." Jalen instructed, setting out
their food.

Brett nodded and once the Sheriff pulled up the extra chair to the desk they
ate. During the meal they had again brushed knees or hands when reaching for
things and little shivers and shocks kept happening.

When they were finished Jalen sat back. He had been experiencing sensations with
this young outlaw he hadn't felt since he had been with Dallas. He was beginning
to feel a bit edgy. He decided a little distance between them wouldn't hurt.

The Sheriff reached into his pocket and brought out the bag of candy he had
intended for Brett before they got involved with his disobedience and placed it
on the desk next to the paper. I brought you a little reward for doin' your work
and hopefully a little incentive for you to finish." He said with a smile

Brett stood up his bottom aching from sitting so long and rubbed. "I think
you've provided enough incentive." He told Jalen, wrinkling his nose at the
Sheriff's words.

Jalen smiled. "Good, then I can trust you to finish up while I go work on some

Brett nodded. "Yes Sir."

Jalen said, "I'm going to put up the clothes hooks in the bedroom. When I'm
through, if you're finished with your writing assignment we can talk for a
while. I think we need to get to know a little more about each other."

Brett nodded. "Yes Sir, I think that would be nice and yes…I'll finish this
work." The young man sat carefully and squirmed again on the pillow.

Jalen smiled and Brett felt the thrumming within him once more. For the first
time he genuinely smiled back at the Sheriff.

Jalen resisted the urge to reach out and ruffle the black curls and just said,
"All right. I'll check on you in a little bit then."

Brett nodded. "Okay."


Jalen put up the clothes hooks and straightened the bed and picked up the room a
bit. He had felt an odd sensation in his chest when he looked at Brett. He
hadn't thought it was possible that he could find someone who would stir his
emotions like Dallas. He wondered for a moment if his crazy ol' rancher had sent
the youngster to him knowing Brett needed his guidance and that he could pass
along Dallas's teachings. He shrugged. Anything was possible he supposed.


Brett finished up the last lines of the letter J and smiled to himself. He
wondered why he was doing this now when he wouldn't do it earlier. He shrugged
to himself. Perhaps he just wanted to see if the Sheriff really meant what he
said. He certainly wouldn't be trying that again any time soon. He winced a
little as he shifted on the pillow.


Jalen came into the office. He saw Brett had finished his writing assignment and
grinned. "Good job, I'm pleased to see you've finished this." He picked up the
paper and examined it. "I can see you've put effort into it too. Your letters
are lookin' a lot better." He smiled at the young outlaw.

Brett found himself blushing a bit under the praise. "Thank you Sheriff."

Jalen set the paper aside and sat on the chair near the desk. His thigh brushed
against Brett's leg and Jalen felt a spark and smiled to himself. The sensations
he kept experiencing were familiar, yet new at the same time. He smiled at
Brett. "Tell me more about yourself. I know the bare statistics, but I'd like to
know more about you…your family."

The young outlaw asked bravely, "What about you? You gonna tell me somethin'
about yourself too?"

The older man nodded. "Yes, fair's only fair."

Brett nodded. "Okay."

Jalen smiled. "Let me get us some coffee." He got up, brushing against Brett's
leg once more, and then poured the coffee into two cups. He placed the coffee
pot back on the stove and reached into the bag with the candy and pulling out a
gumdrop put it in his mouth.


Bret squirmed a bit as Jalen's leg brushed his and not so much from the ache in
his bottom, but the sensations the action provoked in him. He watched the
Sheriff's large sensitive hands as he poured the coffee for them. Hands that
could be gentle and caressing or hard as steel if being applied to his bottom.
He felt a twinge and shifted slightly.

When Jalen reached over to the bag of candy, plucking out a gum drop and putting
it in his mouth Brett couldn't help but watch those full lips as they took in
the treat and he felt a pulling sensation deep inside. He squirmed once more.

Jalen, noticing Brett's squirming around asked, "Do you want to go outside by
the horses and talk instead?"

Brett thought that might be a good idea, number one he wouldn't have to sit for
a while and number two it would give him the ability to have a little physical
distance between him and the older man. "Yes, let's do that."

Jalen smiled and stood, waiting for Brett.

Brett was up on his feet in a moment, rubbing the ache out of his bottom.

The Sheriff placed a hand on the young outlaw's shoulder and gently squeeze.
"It'll get better as time passes. I promise."

Brett looked up at the older man and saw the truth in his face and nodded. "I
believe you even if my rear end doesn't."

Jalen chuckled and dropped his hand from the younger man's shoulder. The two men
walked outside together, heading for the horse's shelter.

Once there Jalen stroked Liberty's nose as the horse put his head over the stall
and nuzzled the Sheriff for treats. He chuckled and produced the expected sugar
cubes. He usually brought a few back from the café when he went there for his
meals. He handed Brett a few, their hands touching. Jalen felt a tingle and
Brett almost jerked his hand back. The young outlaw grinned and fed the treat to
Spirit, who nuzzled him for more.
Brett chuckled and said, "you must be getting' bad habits from Liberty, You're
getting' greedy now too." The horse just butted the young man with his nose and
Brett laughed.

Jalen grinned as he watched the younger man with the horse.

The young outlaw, remembering they had come out there to talk finally turned to
the Sheriff and asked softly, "What do you want to know about me?"

Jalen said, "Whatever you'd like to tell me."

Brett nodded. "All right." He was quiet for a few moments, and then began. "You
know already I was born in Oklahoma. I'm my parent's only living child. Mama had
had a few children, but they all died and I was fortunate enough to be the only
one to survive. After Mama lost the last one my parents decided to move west
because Mama couldn't take the storms and the memories any longer. I was about
fifteen. I really didn't have many friends. We lived in a very small farming
community. Most of the boys my age had already left school and were workin' on
their parent's farms and we didn't see much of each other except at church and
in town doin' errands once in a while."

Jalen listened quietly and nodded. "Go on." He encouraged.

"I seemed to be a bit different from the other boys. They were always talkin'
about girls and it never really interested me, so they didn't invite me to do
things with them, because most of what they did was with the girls they were
interested in. I don't know why I didn't like girls in that way. They were okay
to go fishin' with or talk to, but I didn't like lookin' at them like they did,
you know how I mean." Brett said.

Jalen nodded. "Yes, I do." He replied.

"We packed up and left for California. I turned sixteen on the trail. The girls
kept comin' up to me and uhm…swayin' their hips and talkin' to me tellin' me how
cute I was or handsome. It made me uncomfortable. My Papa said I'd get over it
and after all I was just a boy. I guess he thought the girls scared me, but…well
I just hated it." He said quietly. "I don't know what's wrong with me. Even when
I was with the gang and they'd leer at the whores and show them their…uhm…stuff,
I didn't understand why they'd do that. It didn't make me feel anythin' but
disgusted." He confessed, looking down.

Jalen reached down and with a single finger tipped the young man's face up until
the blue eyes met his green ones and said quietly, "Sometimes it happens that
way, some men just don't feel attracted to women."

Brett's blue eyes widened. "Really?"

Jalen nodded. "Yes, really."

The young outlaw looked at the Sheriff in amazement. "I didn't know that."

The older man nodded. "Well, now you do."

The young man nodded and then opened his mouth to ask a question, but closing
it, shrugged and went on with his story.


Jalen watched the young outlaw, but didn't push when he saw the question on his
lips and in his eyes. The young man would ask when he felt more comfortable with


Brett continued to tell his story and said, "Well we were on the trail goin'
through the mountains just before you come down the other side toward the coast
of California. I went off a little way to relieve myself and there was this
rumble and before you could blink the mountain was movin'. Rocks were bouncing
down the side and I watched in horror as some of the wagons were smashed and
buried…one of those was ours…the wagon was gone…my parents were gone…I don't
even know where exactly it was. The trail boss had said we were takin' a short
cut so we would beat the snows…" Brett shivered, choked up, tears began to fall
and he turned away from the Sheriff.

Jalen moved quickly over to the young man and wrapped his strong arms around
him. He couldn't stand to see him hurting and not providing comfort. He held
Brett tight.

Brett turned into the strong chest and released tears of grief he had held back
for so very long. The older man stroked his black curls and murmured soft
phrases of comfort while he held the sobbing young outlaw. His heart went out to
him and he kept Brett in his arms for as long as he would allow it.


Bret found himself enfolded in strong arms and it made him sob even harder. It
felt so good; he had thought he'd never have this again. He hadn't been held
like this or felt as safe as this since his parents were taken from him. His
Papa had hugged and held him when he had been hurting and told him how much he
loved him. He remembered seeing the lawman of the little farming community he
had skirted on the way to Diamond Springs and how he had held a little boy in
his arms and how an older man had hugged the both of them and he had thought it
would never be for him as he was already a dead man, a wanted man. He was no
longer a wanted man and had been given a second chance by being placed on
probation with this man holding him and caring, not for him, but about him.
After a while his tears subsided and he looked up at what was now becoming a
familiar face that represented safety, and caring. "Thank you." He whispered
softly. "Thank you for bein' here and carin' not only for me, but about me."

Jalen was so moved by this he squeezed Brett and said softly, "You're welcome.
You're right and I'm glad you recognize that I don't only just care for you, but
about you." The Sheriff continued, "The transition from the boy you still are to
the man you can be isn't always goin' to be easy."

Brett nodded. "I am beginning to see that. I was on my own after the accident
and worked farms in the area until the work seemed to get harder to find. I
wanted more and when I was nineteen I got with the gang because I wanted
companionship, to belong, as well as to be able to eat regularly."

Jalen nodded. "Yes, I remember you tellin' the judge that at your trial." The
Sheriff told the young outlaw.

The young man nodded. "I worked farms again and drifted a bit after I sneaked
away from the gang. I did that for about the past six months. Work, like before
became harder to find and I had to be a whole lot more cautious, not stayin' in
any one place very long because I was wanted by the law. I was getting'
desperate for money and thought I'd rob the bank here." He confessed to Jalen.

The older man shook his head. "That would have been very foolish indeed. What
made you think you could pull off somethin' like that?"

Brett shrugged. "I'm pretty good with a gun…it was one of the only reasons the
gang took me in bein' so young. I was in on a couple of bank robberies with the
gang. I never did the hold up myself, just helped with coverin' them, shootin'
back, when we were shot at and makin' sure the gang members got away unscathed."

Jalen shook his head once more in disbelief. "Brett…did you ever think about why
it took a whole gang of people to rob the bank? It's not somethin' you would
have been able to pull off very easily by yourself."

Brett flushed a bit. "I never thought about that."

The Sheriff nodded. "Well you don't have to think about such things anymore and
as long as you're on probation and I'm your probation officer you better not be
plannin' to do anythin' illegal or that spankin' I gave you earlier will feel
like a few pats." He warned.

The young man blushed deeper. "I don't plan on doin' anythin' illegal. I

The older man nodded and pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket wiping the
tears from the handsome young face. He then handed it to the young outlaw to
blow his nose.

Brett made use of the handkerchief and handed it back to the Sheriff, who
stuffed it back into his pocket.

The two stayed close, Brett snuggled in Jalen's arms and Jalen thinking how
right this felt.

After a bit Brett looked up with wet lashes into the green eyes. "Your turn." He
said with a small smile. "You said fair's only fair."

Jalen chuckled. "Yes I did and it is, but it's time for me to make my rounds.
Why don't you accompany me? We can stop at the café and take our meal back here
to the jail. Then we can talk some more."

Brett pouted. "All right, but you'd better tell me your story before we go to
bed tonight."

The sheriff said, "Don't worry I will."


After Jalen had made his rounds and they had gotten their dinner from the café
and eaten together in the Sheriff's office, with the light brush or touch
inevitable in such close quarters having an effect on both men, Jalen asked,
"What do you want to know about me Brett?"

The young outlaw said, "Well the basic things, where you were born, how you got
from there to bein' Sheriff here."

Jalen laughed. "In other words my whole life story."

Brett grinned. "Yes."

The older man nodded. "All right." He said and then closed his green eyes for a
moment before beginning. Opening his eyes he related, "I was born in San
Francisco. I was the illegitimate child of a whore." He revealed.

Brett's blue eyes widened and he bit his lip, remembering him calling Jalen a
bastard. Now he felt really bad, finding out Jalen was truly one.

Jalen, seeing the look said, "It's all right. We dealt with that remember when I
swatted you?"

Brett nodded. "Yes, but I promise I'll never call you that again."

Jalen nodded and said softly, "Thanks for that, but I'm used to it. It's what I
am, not who I am."

The young outlaw said quietly, "You shouldn't have to be used to it, but I

The Sheriff continued with his story. "I grew up in the madam's house. I stayed
there until I was about ten when my mother died and I was put out to fend for

Brett's blue eyes widened. "They put you out?! You were on the streets at ten
years old? How come you weren't put in an orphanage?" He asked.

Jalen replied, "Yes, they didn't much like a little boy around the place to
begin with. I basically did the chores I was given, brought in the wood, cleaned
the dishes, whatever tasks they told me to do. They only tolerated me as long as
my mother was there. When she died…well there was no one there to protect me
from them and because they told me I was too much trouble when I'd be a bit
rebellious at times, they put me out. I'd heard how bad the orphanages were so I
hid away from anyone I thought would take me to one. I slept under steps,
porches, in alleys and such."


Brett had a hard time imagining that kind of life. He had always lived on the
family farm with loving parents until he lost them and then he was almost grown,
not a little boy. He felt sad for Jalen.


Jalen continued with his story. "I was tall for my age and so when I was able to
pass for a young man at about the age of twelve I began to work for some of the
local farms doing farm work and then ranch work. I got my first horse when I was
seventeen from one of the rancher's I was workin' for. He told me I was good
with the animal. I was the only one who could ride him and so the man let me
have the gelding in exchange for workin' for him. He gave me the tack to go with
him. He was a grey gelding I named lead because his color reminded me of pencils
when I wrote with them." He explained with a fond smile.


Brett listened and nodded. He had been given a mount when he joined the gang,
but had to leave him behind when he sneaked out of camp. A horse would have been
too easy to track.


Jalen went on. I continued to ride east and came upon the Smokin' K ranch. It's
where I met a man named Dallas Kincaid." He closed his green eyes momentarily.


Brett watched the Sheriff and wondered at the flicker of pain he had seen in his
green eyes before he had closed them.


Jalen continued. "He was a man I learned many things from, including how to read
and write."

Brett asked, so he was the one you told me about yesterday?"

Jalen smiled. "Yes, he's the one."

The young man smiled and nodded. "He sounds a lot like you."

Jalen chuckled. "Well I was seventeen when I happened upon the Smokin' K and
full of myself, thinking' I was a man when I was still only a boy." The Sheriff
shook his head and smiled at that fond memory. "Dallas put that notion aside for
me very quickly. He took a likin' to me and I didn't realize there was more
reason than because he thought I was a kid that could be helped…he also helped
me to learn about who I am."

Brett looked at Jalen puzzled. "What do you mean?"

Jalen replied, "Remember earlier when I told you that it happens sometimes that
men aren't attracted to women?"

Brett nodded. "Yes, I was goin' to ask you how you knew that."

Jalen smiled. "I sensed you wanted to. It's because I'm that way too and so was
Dallas Kincaid."

Brett's blue eyes widened in wonder. "Uhm…y-you aren't attracted to women

Jalen shook his head. "No, I always thought it was because I grew up in a whore
house and because they treated me poorly. I also thought it had something to do
with my mother bein' a whore…I didn't know it was because I was
different…different inside. I found men attractive." He said quietly.

The young outlaw looked at the Sheriff open mouthed, his eyes as big as saucers.
"Y-you ain't funnin' me are you?" He asked cautiously.

Jalen locked his green eyes on the blue in a steady gaze. "No, I wouldn't do

Brett closed his mouth and gazed back, getting lost in the depths of those green
eyes for a moment. He shook himself and then said, "So…uhm…I ain't the only one
who feels that way about females?"

The Sheriff shook his head. "No, you're not. There are others. It's not the
usual way of things, so it's kept pretty quiet." Jalen explained.

Brett nodded. "It must be, I never heard that before."

Jalen smiled slightly. "No, it's not generally parlor conversation."

Brett shot Jalen a boyish grin. "No, not hardly. Even tryin' to find out what
goes on between a man and a woman is pretty much a mystery until someone tells
you or you discover it for yourself."

Jalen grinned back looking very boyish himself. "True. I'm glad I came across
Dallas and he taught me how to have pleasure bein' with a man and to love. For
the longest time I thought there was somethin' wrong with me when I'd go to the
whore house with the men I worked with and would spend the time just talkin' to
them. None of what they tried to do had much effect on me and the girls would
wonder at it. I had to reassure them it had nothin' to do with them, but with
me. I tried to explain to them that it seemed I just wasn't attracted to them in
that way. They'd be content with my explanation and happy to spend the time just
talkin'. They never gave me away to the other men. I guess growin' up in a whore
house helped me feel comfortable bein' there."

Brett bit his lip and looked at Jalen curiously. "It was that way for me too, I
mean about visitin' the whorehouse with the gang. I just tried to spend time
with the girls. A few times I tried to do it with them but I wasn't able to. It
was embarrasin', a young man like me and not bein' able to perform with a woman.
The whores took it in stride, tryin' to comfort me, tellin' me it happened
sometimes…but they never really knew it was because they didn't excite me.
Sometimes when I'd see a man I liked and…uhm…like when I was in bed with you
last night. I'd get stirrings, you know what I mean. I couldn't understand why
it wouldn't happen to me with a woman. Then when we were talkin' this afternoon
out by the horses…well I heard you say that sometimes men were attracted to
other men. I knew I'd found someone who at least understood what I was sayin'.
I never thought you had the same feelings like me." Brett looked up shyly at
Jalen, "Uhm…would you show me how to…uhm…get pleasure with another man?" He
asked hesitantly.

Jalen regarded the young man carefully and said, "Only if you want me to."

Brett said, "One part of me wants you to, another part doesn't."

Jalen nodded. "Yes, I understand. It's a hard decision and one that shouldn't be
made lightly, but with a lot of thought. It will change your life and maybe in
ways you didn't expect. That's not always bad…it's just different." He shared.

Brett asked, "How?"

Jalen thought about the young outlaw's question. He thought back to when he
himself was an unsure young man and had just discovered that being attracted to
another man happened sometimes and that he could be loved and show love in
return. It opened a whole part of him he hadn't realized was there. He had felt
whole for the first time in his life…complete. How could he explain this to his
young charge? The Sheriff reached out and brushed back a stray dark curl from
Brett's face in a gentle gesture and said, "It made me feel complete, like a
piece of a puzzle fallin' into place." He told Brett.


Brett nodded and shivered a little as Jalen brushed back the curls on his
forehead. "I think I understand. Sort of like somethin' missin' gets found."

Jalen grinned. "Yes. It's sort of like that."

Brett smiled at the older man. "Sounds nice."

Jalen grinned back. "It is." He checked his pocket watch. It was getting late.
"Think it's time we turned in. It's been a bit of a long day." He said casually.

The young outlaw nodded. "Yes, it has."

Jalen helped Brett up and then with a hand in the middle of his back steered him
into the bedroom and shut the door. He lit the lamp and smiled. "Why don't you
get ready for bed now? Do you want me to help you?"


Brett liked being helped up from the chair and noticed Jalen taking the pillow
with them, tucking it up under one arm and then with the other hand warm on his
back guide him into the bedroom. He watched as Jalen placed it back on the bed
and then turn to him and ask if he needed help. He shivered inside at the words
and took a deep breath and nodded. "Please, it was easier when you helped me
earlier." The young man said softly.

Brett noticed his bottom didn't seem as sore anymore now, but it still ached
some when he sat and it reminded him of what he had done to earn that.


Jalen went over to help the young outlaw get ready for bed. He tried to quiet
the butterflies in his stomach. He knew what he was doing. He'd done it many
times with Dallas…then why did he feel so nervous about it with this wonderful
young man? He asked himself.

Jalen said to Brett, "I need to know if you like or don't like certain things. I
will stop anytime you say. If I know what you like and don't like I can make
things pleasurable for you. Do you understand?"

Brett nodded. "Yes, I understand. I can say no at anytime and you'll stop
whatever you're doin'."

The Sheriff smiled and nodded. "Yes, that's right." He began helping the young
outlaw to remove his boots and then he brushed Brett's hands out of the way and
unfastened his britches. He slid them down the long legs, caressing them as he
did so.


Brett colored a bit as Jalen brushed his hands out of the way and unfastened his
britches, carefully sliding them down. The strong warm hands slid gently, but
firmly down his thighs and calves, causing him to shiver a bit inside. When the
Sheriff reached for his underpants Brett said, "I can do it."

The Sheriff nodded and stepped back, allowing the young man to do it himself.
Jalen reached down and helped him step out of them. Brett's shirt was still on
and still covered all the important parts. The older man waited quietly, and
then asked, "Do you want me to get your nightshirt?"

Brett bit his lip undecided for a moment, then nodded. "Please."

Jalen went over and got the nightshirt. In the meantime Brett had unbuttoned his
shirt and Jalen helped him to remove it, sliding his hands down Brett's
shoulders and arms.


Brett liked the sensation of Jalen's warm, large hands on him and once he stood
there completely exposed he took the nightshirt from Jalen and put it over his
head and let it fall over him.


Jalen watched, understanding, remembering the shyness he himself had felt the
first time he and Dallas had been together under the covers, Dallas completely
unclothed and he still in his nightshirt.

The Sheriff pulled back the bed clothes and helped Brett in.


Brett watched as Jalen went over to the shelf where he kept his personal
belongings and opened a wooden box where he kept his medical supplies. The
Sheriff removed a small jar and placed it along with a couple of towels he took
from the shelf, on the nightstand nearby. The young outlaw wondered what the
items were for; as he laid his head on the pillow and surreptitiously watched
Jalen disrobe.

The Sheriff removed his vest, put his shirt into the basket, hung his gun belt
and then…Brett's blue eyes widened in surprise, peeled off his britches and
underpants. He gulped as he saw the older man's manhood and his mouth went dry
and he felt stirrings where he had last night when thinking about the man. He
averted his eyes and held himself very still.


Jalen knew Brett was watching him. He had seen him out of the corner of his eye.
As he took off his boots and socks, then his other clothing he had caught
glimpses of the bright blue eyes. He decided to give the young outlaw something
to really look at and took off his britches and underpants and was rewarded when
he saw the blue eyes widen for a moment, then turn away. He said nothing, just
blew out the lamp, tugged back the covers and climbed into the bed under the
sheet and quilt.


As Bret felt the bigger man crawl into the bed he inched over to the edge.

Jalen reached out and stroked the young man's side over his nightshirt and said,
"If you want me to show you how to have pleasure and to give pleasure, you need
to relax." He said quietly, "I won't do anythin' you don't feel comfortable
with. Remember you can say no at any time. Do you remember how we took our nap
this morning?"

Brett nodded, remembering them spooning together. He'd rather liked that.

Jalen asked, "Did you like that?"

The young man smiled, "Yes, it was nice…it was…uhm…comfortin'."

Jalen nodded. "We can do that again."

Brett considered this and then agreed. "Okay."

The Sheriff gently pulled the young man close to him until they lay spooned
together. "Comfortable?" Jalen asked.

Brett nodded, "Yes, it feels good."

Jalen could still feel a slight warmth from the young outlaw's bottom against
his groin and took a few deep breaths to steady himself as that felt good to him
in a manner he hadn't expected. He began to caress Brett's side, and then said,
"Why don't you lay on your stomach?"

Brett was feeling relaxed and so did as Jalen asked.

The older man rubbed gentle circles on Brett's back, making his way lower and
lower until he came to the young man's mounds. "I'm going to take off your
nightshirt." Jalen told Brett quietly.

The young outlaw shivered a little, but feeling both nervous yet cared for, he
said trustingly, "Okay."

Jalen removed the garment and then began to knead the tight muscles in the young
outlaw's neck and back.


Brett found himself losing himself in the sensations and finding he really liked
what Jalen was doing and said, "Mmm…that feels good."

Jalen nodded. "I'm glad. It should feel good." He continued working his way down
the young man's back and when he reached the mounds rubbed them gently. He
softly kneaded them, one in each hand and noticed when Brett began to twitch his
hips involuntarily and smiled to himself.


Brett found he liked what was being done to him. When he felt the bigger man's
hands on his bottom he tensed a moment, but then because what Jalen was doing
felt good relaxed again. In a bit he began to feel stirrings in his nether
region once more and squirmed.


Jalen knew just where to caress and touch to get the reactions he wanted. He
then stopped as he wasn't quite ready to go further and moved back up to Brett's

Brett let out a little whimper. "Don't stop…I was liking that." He complained.

Jalen chuckled. "But there's more I want to show you, turn toward me on your
side." He instructed.

The young outlaw did as he had been told and Jalen began to kiss his face,
giving him chaste kisses at first, then little butterfly kisses all over the
young face, covering Brett's eyelids, nibbling at his ear lobe and then along
his jaw to his lips once more. Jalen's hands roamed lower and teased the nubs on
the lightly haired chest causing Brett to gasp. He smiled as he Watched the blue
eyes widen as the nubs grew hard. He again kissed Brett's full lips, with a bit
more pressure this time.


Brett was surprised at the thrum and pull he felt in his body as his nipples
were teased into hard nubs. He gazed wonderingly up at the older man and
returned the kiss that was planted on the young man's mouth.


Jalen continued to move his hands over Brett's body, his touch firm, but light
enough to give pleasure. As he allowed his warm large hands to play over the
smooth skin, he could feel the quivering and hear the soft moans of pleasure
that escaped the young outlaw's mouth.

The Sheriff whispered into the young man's ear, "You may also touch me if you
want to."


Hesitantly Brett reached out and began to explore Jalen's body. Taking a deep
breath he awkwardly ran his hand down the Sheriff's chest, touching the nubs he
felt under the hair. He sort of liked the feel of the rough hair and was pleased
when he felt the nubs harden under his exploring fingers, repeating what Jalen
had done to him. Brett grinned. "I made that happen." He said in wonder.

Jalen chuckled softly and took the exploring hands in his. "Yes, you did. It
will take you some time to learn these things, but I'm a patient teacher."

The Sheriff, shifting closer placed a light kiss on Brett's full lips. Jalen
continued to use the sense of touch to excite and tease. He recalled Dallas
telling him their first time that touching helped make the experience better. It
sensitized his body and touching was a way to find the places that would produce
the most pleasure. Jalen hadn't quite understood until Dallas had begun to touch
him in places he had never been touched by another person before and quickly
realized what the man was trying to help him understand. He wanted to bring that
same realization to the young outlaw.


Lost in the sensations Jalen was producing, Brett closed his eyes and returned
the light kiss the Sheriff had placed on his lips as he was being touched in
places no one else had touched other than himself. "I-I like that when you touch
me there." Brett said, as Jalen fondled his sacs, remembering that Jalen told
him to let him know what he liked and didn't like. His body felt odd, his
insides quivering with a growing excitement he had never known before. He
couldn't explain the sensations he was experiencing, he only knew they felt good
in a new way.


Jalen nibbled at Brett's earlobe and then moved to kissing him softly on his
full lips. Then he kissed him a bit harder, gently urging him to open with his
tongue, causing the younger man to open his mouth tentatively.


Brett was surprised when Jalen's tongue invaded his mouth producing sensations
that pulled at his manhood causing it to stir into life.


The Sheriff gently deepened the kiss and as he felt Brett's response he broke
the kiss and whispered, "Easy now, slow and easy."

Brett panted, shifted and then let out a soft moan.

"Shhh, it's ok." Jalen said smiling as he brushed the dark curls away from the
sapphire blue eyes that were dilated with desire.

Jalen knew from past experience that with the relaxed state of the young man's
body and his hardness below, it wouldn't take much for Brett to succumb to his
need to release.


The Sheriff felt his own body responding in much the same way as the young
outlaw and smiled to himself. He recalled how Dallas had backed away his first
time, allowing him to adjust to the sensations before proceeding. He remembered
his frustration as the older man had told him, "Don't worry my love, although
your manhood is impatient you will find waiting a bit longer a truly amazing

Jalen moved closer to the young man and could feel his own hardness touching
Brett lightly as they lay there together for a few moments feeling the warmth of
each other's bodies.

Brett instinctively pressed closer to Jalen. The Sheriff moved his hand down to
caress the inside of Brett's thighs, spreading him in the process.


The younger man couldn't believe the little shocks that were moving through him
at Jalen's touch. "I-I like that." He whispered hoarsely.

Jalen smiled. "I'm glad you do and you're going to like what I'm about to do to
you even more." The Sheriff reached down between the spread legs and fondled the
round sensitive sacs, causing Brett to jump a bit, and then squirm in pleasure.
Jalen also placed his hand around the now erect shaft of Brett's manhood and
caressed its soft skin causing the young man to moan and writhe. Then he ran a
finger up between the young outlaw's mounds to the place of pleasure as Dallas
used to call it, pushing at it gently.


The younger man found himself pushing his hips closer into Jalen and then gasped
as He felt the older man's hand touch him where no one had touched him since he
was a small boy and needed assistance in the outhouse. Brett moaned as he felt
Jalen's finger move up between his mounds and stop at the place he was now
feeling him pressing gently on, experiencing a mixture of pleasure and
embarrassment. "Uhm…why are you touchin' me there?" He asked softly.

Jalen asked, "Is it uncomfortable?"

Brett shook his head, his black curls bouncing. "No…it feels oddly good, but
it's embarrasin'." He told the bigger man quietly.

Jalen removed his finger from the sensitive spot and said softly, "Its ok, we
don't have to go there if you don't want to."

Brett said softly, "But I want to…it's just different. I mean, I didn't know
that place could feel good like that."

Jalen smiled and placed his finger back on the spot, rubbing it lightly and
pushing his finger very gently in and out, touching that place of pleasure
inside and watching the young outlaw's reaction very closely.


Brett's mind whirled, the sensation the Sheriff was creating didn't scare him It
excited him. He could allow this man to continue this for a long time.

Jalen, seeing the look of desire in the blue eyes asked quietly, "How does that

"It feels wonderful." Brett gasped out "It's a new feeling and well it... it
feels right."

It's quite the sensation isn't it Jalen asked as he continued to gently work the
spot. "You see, he murmured," This is a strange sort of muscle. It is built for
pushing things out, not allowing things in." He told Brett gently.

Brett nodded. "Yes, uhm…that is the usual way of it."

The Sheriff said quietly, "It's the place where two men gain their pleasure. I
put my manhood inside you in this spot."

Brett's blue eyes widened. "Uhm…you do?"

Jalen nodded "Mmmhmm…I'll put some petroleum jelly on the spot and on my organ
to make it more comfortable. At first, there will be resistance." He said as he
shifted and moved over Brett a bit to retrieve the small jar he had placed on
the nightstand.


Brett watched a bit nervously as Jalen retrieve the small jar of petroleum
"That's to help make it easier?" Brett asked shyly.

Jalen nodded lying back next to Brett " It will make it a lot easier and safer.
It helps prevent any muscle tears that could happen if this isn't done
carefully." Jalen explained.

Brett nodded and looked up at Jalen with trusting blue eyes. "Will it hurt?" He
asked tentatively.

Jalen said, "It might a bit, but the pleasure will far outweigh whatever pain
you may experience."

Brett bit his lip and stayed quiet for a moment considering, then said softly,
"All right…I want you to do it."

Jalen smiled and said, "Let me show you how I want you, the position we need to
be in so we can do this well all right?"

Brett bit his lip and then nodded. "Okay."

Jalen positioned himself between Brett's legs, then scooted up close, placing
one of the young outlaw's legs on each of his broad shoulders. "Are you
comfortable?" He asked a bit nervous himself.

Brett nodded. "It's okay."

Jalen then reached down and uncapped the jar of petroleum jelly he had placed by
his side and using one finger, put a small amount in the opening and stretched
it gently. Then he dipped two fingers in and repeated the process stretching the
muscle gently until it relaxed enough for Jalen to enter Brett. The sheriff with
his fingers moved gently in and out touching the place inside which he knew
would bring great pleasure.

Brett could not believe the sensations he was experiencing. He felt disappointed
and bereft when Jalen took his hand away. He wanted and needed more.


Jalen watched the young outlaw's blue eyes widen and smiled as he began to
squirm and Brett's erection was quite hard. Then he said, Smoothing some of the
jelly on his own erect manhood, "I think you're ready now." He smiled at Brett.
"Just keep your eyes on mine." He instructed and then slowly began his entrance.
He pushed in a bit and allowed Brett's body to adjust to his presence. Then,
inch by inch entered until Brett's body had fully accepted the length of him.
Jalen recalled how Dallas had been slow and steady. He remembered the pressure
and the slight discomfort of the action but Dallas had taken it slow enough to
allow Jalen's body to accept him fully. Jalen did for Brett what Dallas had done
for him.


Brett bit his lip. He found himself so drawn to the sheriff.
As Jalen gently moved in and out, Brett began to experience the sensations again
he had with the Sheriff's fingers inside of him. Brett began to move
instinctively with Jalen's thrusts, wanting the sensations he was feeling to
build. They were building…his manhood ached with the need for release, but not
quite there yet. A few more strokes…then…


Jalen went slow and easy, building the sensations for both of them. He teased
the nubs on Brett's chest and continued to kiss him. His large, warm hands
caressed the young man's body until he was panting for release.

The Sheriff gripped the young man's hips and while he was inside, he felt the
old familiar tension in his groin. Jalen's manhood was hard and his sensitive
sacs, along with the friction were all combining together to send him over the
edge. The older man didn't want to let go first so he slowed a bit and continued
to watch the blue eyes as they widened in amazement. He could feel Brett's body
tense and then the release and he allowed himself to release at the same time.


Brett panted and moved instinctively and Jalen set the pace.
As the sensations built and his body began to respond to the Sheriff's
ministrations he couldn't help but grin. He watched the green eyes and when the
explosion came as he released he was amazed. He'd never felt anything like it
before. He thought Jalen was amazing to be able to make him feel that way.

Being in charge had been a new experience for Jalen. When he and Dallas were
together, Dallas always was the one who took the lead. Jalen silently thanked Dallas for
all of his fine lessons as he rolled off Brett, cuddling together and waiting
for their breathing to return to normal. Once that happened, Jalen helped Brett
clean himself. They lay spooned together in the aftermath glow of their love
making. As Jalen listened to Brett's slow, even breathing he sent up a prayer
to Dallas, thanking him for sending him his outlaw.

The End

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