Justin and Jonathan Kincaid

Family are the people who say that they love and accept you until they get to know you and decide that they choose to reject you because they feel like it.

 Jonathan looked down at Justin with a cold punctilious air of righteousness, looking for all purposes like the wrath of God on judgment day, holding open his Bible. “You are a sinner in the eyes of God my brother…an abomination!”

Justin cringed under his preacher brother’s wrath. “It also says something about loving your brother in there doesn’t it?”

“You are no longer my brother! You are like the snake that tempted Adam and Eve and I no longer claim you as a brother! You are corrupting my son with your unclean behavior and sinful ways!”

The younger brother bit his lip. “I don’t expose your son to my way of life.”

“How can you not?” Jonathan exclaimed You sin with that man…you are not setting a righteous example for my son. He has already been tainted by your corrupt and sinful ways. He is of an age where he should be expressing interest in young ladies and he has not yet even approached one…not a one to take to a school dance or the church socials. It’s unnatural and it’s your doing.”

Justin knew of Dallas ’s orientation and knew his father would never accept it. He hadn’t meant for him to catch him and Nick in a compromising position. His brother seldom visited the ranch without his son being present.

“I reject you son of Satan…my son will no longer be exposed to your sinful ways. He will no longer be allowed in your company and you shall not darken my door until you repent of your sinful, evil ways of Satan!”

Justin felt cut to the quick. His own brother whom he had known and loved all his life was rejecting him totally and completely because he felt like it, Because he used his religious training to reject him from his life as a result of his chosen life style and what hurt even more , would keep his nephew from him because of that. He couldn’t believe his brother laid his son’s lack of interest in females at his door, blaming him for what was a natural inclination for the teen.

Justin’s heart filled with sadness, not only at the loss of his brother, nephew and family but also the loss of his brother’s love. He couldn’t understand how a man of God could reject his own brother once he really got to know all of him and the part of him he had feared would cause a rift was discovered by accident and now tore apart his world and all that was dear to him, especially his nephew who needed him.

Jonathan continued to glare at Justin. “Get you from my sight spawn of Satan and never darken my doorstep again. Do not attempt to contact me or any of our family until you’re ready to repent and remove the blackness from your soul!”  Jonathan turned on his heel and stalked off, got on his horse and rode off without a backward glance.

Justin crumpled to the ground and dissolved into bitter tears at the rejection of the brother he loved.

Nick came over and put his arms around Justin and whispered sweet words of love and acceptance in an attempt to heal the gaping wound his older brother had just left in the one he loved dearly.

The End

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