Lessons to learn V

It was spring at the Smoking K once more. Dallas Kincaid watched the young man whom he had been mentoring now for the past four years. He couldn’t believe it had been four years since the arrogant, brash seventeen year old Jalen Christopher Brooks had shown up at his ranch looking for work. The boy had turned twenty-one this last December. Dallas was very glad Jalen had decided to stay and allow him to teach him the things he needed to know to be a fine upstanding young man. The other hands respected Jalen now and even the townspeople had begun to accept him and were friendly and showed him respect. It had been a long road with numerous times learning lessons over his lap, but those times had grown fewer and fewer as the young man had learned his lessons. He admired the strong young body as he watched Jalen walk toward the barn. The narrow hips, the shoulders now broader and more muscled and the image pulling at the older man in a manner that had been slowly growing over time. Dallas had been keeping the reins pulled in on his feelings that had continued to grow for this young man. He had had other men, but none had pulled on his heart strings like this sandy haired green eyed youngster.

Dallas had been experiencing a strengthening of his feelings for Jalen for some time, but he wouldn’t act on them because of the boy’s youth. Now that he had reached the legal age of manhood he believed he didn’t really need to restrain himself much longer. He had noticed Jalen giving him surreptitious looks as well and believed the young man returned his interest.


Jalen caught Dallas watching him out of the corner of his eye as he walked to the barn. He thought about his first horse Lead, a grey gelding he had earned the year he was seventeen and how he had had to put the animal down when he had foolishly jumped him over a stream and the poor horse had caught a hole and broken is leg. He had acquired Jasper from his earnings he had saved. The horse was a good cow pony and a good mount, but a boy’s first horse always held a special place in his heart. He finished tacking up the horse and rode out onto the meadow and then to ride fence. It was something he had done now for four seasons. He knew what to look for and rode along easily. Springtime was always his favorite time of year at the ranch. New grass, insects buzzing, butterflies, wildflowers bloomed and everything had a freshness to it and smelled good. He rode along the sun warm on his face and shoulders. He grinned as a sense of freedom teased him and he allowed his horse to gallop for a while, feeling the wind in his face and a lightheartedness that had been growing within him. He hadn’t been so happy in his young life before. .


Dallas Kincaid smiled as he watched a couple of his hands bring the bull he had purchased into the corral. Jalen had been watching as well and Dallas turned to the youngster and said sternly, “Jalen, I want you to stay away from this bull. He’s not used to his surroundings yet and he can be dangerous.”

Jalen frowned. “I wasn’t planning on botherin’ him, just to watch him. He’s magnificent.” He told Dallas, having learned over the past four years a whole lot about ranching and breeding cattle.

Dallas agreed. “Yes, he’s magnificent and I don’t want you around him.”

Jalen gave Dallas a look. “Why not?”

“He could hurt you or you could spook him. I plan to handle him myself and gain his trust. Bulls can be unpredictable.”

Jalen said, “If they’re as unpredictable as you say, then perhaps it would be a good idea to have someone else around when you work with him, just in case somethin’ might happen.”

Dallas said sternly once more. “I told you no and I mean no young man.”

Jalen knew better than to argue when Dallas used that particular tone of voice, but couldn’t help but express his concern. The bull was pawing the ground and had a mean look in its eye. “Dallas, he looks a bit mean to me…I really think it would not be a good idea to work with him alone.”

Dallas arched an eyebrow. “What did I just tell you Jalen Christopher?”

“Not to go near the bull.”

Dallas nodded. “Yes and I expect to be obeyed in this Jalen, is that perfectly clear?”

The young man held back a sigh, but nodded. “Yes Sir.” He couldn’t help but to continue to be concerned.

Dallas, satisfied his point had been made walked over and put his arm around his ranch hand’s shoulders. “I know you’re concerned, but there’s really no reason for it. I’ve worked with bulls before and nothin’ has ever happened I couldn’t handle.”

Jalen nodded. “All right Dallas.” The young man secretly was still uneasy about it and planned to watch surreptitiously.


Several days after the arrival of his prize bull Dallas went to the corral where he had put Taurus. He had been going there to work with him every day. Taurus was a very large bull and he was distrustful and would eye Dallas every time he came near. The older man had made a few inroads with the animal, being able to touch him lightly for a few moments before the bull snorted, pawed the ground and backed away.

This day Dallas was crooning softly to the animal. He approached him slowly as usual, but for some reason this day Taurus wasn’t having any of it. He snorted and backed away, lumbering backward at Dallas’s approach.

Dallas continued to approach the large animal quietly and slowly, being careful to not make any sudden moves.

The bull pranced, acting anxious and distracted. He snorted and pawed the ground.

Dallas crooned to him softly, he caught a flash of something out of the corner of his eye in the wooded area near the corral and his attention was distracted for a moment.

The momentary distraction was all Taurus needed. In a flash he snorted, let out an enraged bellow and charged Dallas. The bull knocked him to the ground and stepped on his upper arm snapping the bone.

Dallas let out a cry of pain and tried to shield himself from further damage.


Jalen had been following Dallas to the area where his mentor worked with the bull. He hid in the wooded area that edged the corral and watched He had impressed with his mentor’s ability to work with the huge animal. He shifted and stilled as he saw Dallas glance in his direction. Then he was sprinting across to the corral as he watched Taurus charge Dallas unexpectedly and knock him down. As he heard Dallas’s cry of pain he vaulted over the corral rails and grabbed the older man, dragging him out of harm’s way as the bull had circled and was preparing for another charge, this time his huge horns lowered.

Jalen scrambled over the fence, pulling Dallas over it with him just in time as the rails shook with the force of the bull crashing against them.

Dallas let out another cry of pain as he felt himself being pulled along he ground and passed out from the intense pain.

Some of the other hands hearing the noise and commotion ran to help. A couple of them dealt with the bull, while another one helped Jalen to get Dallas to the house and up to his room and lay him on the bed.

“Go get the doc!” Jalen ordered the man and without another word, the hand ran out to the barn, tacked up and headed to town for the doc.

After the doctor had come and set Dallas’s arm and given him laudanum for the pain and had left with instructions for Jalen for his care the young ranch hand sat at his mentor’s side and nursed him for the next several days. He sponged him off with a cool cloth when he had developed a fever and gave him the pain medication when he moaned and was pretty exhausted as he hadn’t allowed any of the other ranch hands, including Dallas’s foreman Jake Burns. The man just a year younger than his boss had shaken his head at the young man’s tenacity in fending off everyone who had wanted to care for the ranch owner, wanting to do this totally on his own.


Dallas opened his eyes, waking from sleep to see Jalen asleep in the chair next to the bed. The ranch owner felt the best he had since the accident, but frowned at the circles beneath the young man who was sleeping in the chair’s eyes. He tried to stay very still. He didn’t want to make any noise that would wake his young ranch hand. He just enjoyed studying the vision before him. It had been a wonderful, if a bit disturbing one. He surmised that Jalen had stuck by his bedside all this time. Then, he felt his ire rise as he remembered the events of the day he had been charged and trampled at Taurus. He remembered the flicker of something in the woods that had momentarily caught his attention, causing him to take his eyes off the bull and also remembered the bull’s initial restlessness. He swore to himself thinking the animal had sensed the unfamiliar presence and had been reacting to it. He would be having words with his young ranch hand once he was feeling up to it and make it known in no uncertain terms his displeasure at being disobeyed when he had told Jalen to stay away from the area when he was working with Taurus.


Jalen stirred and then jerked awake annoyed with himself for having fallen asleep. What if Dallas had needed something? He scolded himself. When his green eyes opened and the met blue ones that were regarding him in that way that made his stomach do flip flops and not in a good way he bit his lip and said quietly, “I see you’re awake…do you need anythin’? A drink of water…to umm…” He trailed off blushing a little.

Dallas smiled and shook his head. “No I don’t need that at the moment, but a drink of water would be nice.”

The young ranch hand got up and poured a cup of water, then setting it down on the bedside table helped his mentor to sit up by placing pillows behind his back. Once he had helped settle Dallas he placed the cup in his good right hand.

The ranch owner drank deeply and when he was finished he handed the cup back to Jalen.

Jalen took it and put it aside and asked, “How are you feelin’?”

Dallas said, “Much better. I’m hungry and I have some pain in my arm, but it isn’t unbearable.”

Jalen nodded. “Should I give you more laudanum?”

Dallas shook his head. “No, I don’t need anythin’ that strong now. If the pain gets too bad I can take some then.”

Jalen nodded. “Doc said he’d be out to see you again, perhaps he’ll come today.”

The older man nodded. “I’ll be happy to see him so I can get back on my feet again.”

The younger man squirmed, but nodded. “I’ll be glad too Sir.”

The ranch owner arched an eyebrow at the Sir. “Once the doctor has cleared me we need to talk young man.” Dallas said sternly.

Jalen gulped and nodded. “Yes Sir.”

Dallas reached out with his right hand and squeezed the young man’s. “Don’t worry kid, we’ll work things out.” He reassured him.

Jalen said quietly, “Yeah, but I’m pretty sure I’m not goin’ to like the way we work them out.”

Dallas hid a grin and said, “Probably not, but then we can put this all behind us.”

The young ranch hand sighed, but nodded.


Jalen squirmed as he listened to his boss and mentor talk to him about working things out between them. He knew he was probably in for a spanking for going to where he had been working with Taurus, but he had had a feeling about the bull and Dallas just hadn’t listened. He was glad he had gone to watch anyway. He reasoned that if he hadn’t then his boss would probably not be here to blister his backside.

When Dallas reached out and touched him though he also felt a jolt of electricity go through him and a feeling of another kind exploded within him. He realized he loved Dallas and…well wanted something more, but wasn’t exactly sure what that was, but knew he just wanted to be closer to the older man.


Dallas watched Jalen as he spoke to him and saw an interesting darkening of the young man’s eyes as he touched him and wondered at it. He felt a definite attraction to his young ranch hand and thought it would do to explore this more, but not now. He had a disobedient ranch hand to deal with first.


A few weeks later when Dallas had been cleared by the doc to do light chores and no longer had to wear the sling on his arm and had been given exercises to strengthen it he sought out Jalen. Their mutual attraction had been growing in the past weeks as the young man helped him to get his shirt on and had cooked and they had eaten and spent a lot of time together in a more intimate manner. Dallas knew they had to get Jalen’s spanking out of the way before they could move into more uncharted waters. He called the young ranch hand to him. “Jalen?!” He called from the study where they usually performed their discipline.

Jalen, having finished cleaning up in the kitchen and who had stepped into the living room to head upstairs to his room heard Dallas’s summons and walked to the study. He asked, “Yes Dallas? Is there somethin’ you need?”

Dallas gave the young man a stern look. “Yes…please come inside…and shut the door.”


As Jalen heard Dallas call him and stepped to the door of the study he knew the time of reckoning was at hand. The older man had given him a stern look, one he was very familiar with and that made his mouth go dry, but in also gave him an odd feeling in the pit of his stomach. Not a bad feeling, but something else he had experienced at other times and which he didn’t fully understand. He had tried to pretend he didn’t know why he had been summoned, asking if the older man had needed something, but when he had been told to come inside and shut the door he had no illusions as to what was up. It wasn’t as though he hadn’t been through this scene before in the past four years, although they had become less frequent than in the earlier days of their relationship.


Dallas studied his young ranch hand and saw conflicting emotions in the green eyes…emotions Dallas realized that even Jalen himself didn’t yet understand, but which he from experience knew were going on. He had to get the discipline out of the way first before he would act on the other emotion that was lurking in the young man’s eyes. “Well Kid, we need to talk. Have a seat.” He patted the space next to him as he sat on the settee.

Jalen went and sat next to Dallas. This was not an unusual beginning. He knew Dallas always wanted him to know the reason for the correction that was going to be meted out.

Dallas began, “Jalen, I’ve been thinking about the day with Taurus.”

The young man nodded. “Yes Sir.”

Dallas said quietly, “I was guilty of something you have done in the past and I want you to know and understand that I’m not correctin’ you for it again. What I did with the bull was to be overconfident like you were with the wolves. I’m grateful that you were there to keep me from being hurt worse than I was.”

Jalen looked at Dallas and gave a sigh of relief. He wasn’t going to spank him after all. He thought to himself.

Dallas went on. “I’m not perfect Jalen and I too make mistakes. That one is one I won’t be makin’ again. I’d like you to work with me in gentlin’ Taurus.”

The young ranch hand smiled. “I’d like to do that Dallas.”

The older man nodded. “Good.” He then directed a stern look at his young cowhand once more. “I am however disappointed that I was disobeyed.”

Jalen bit his lip. “Yes Sir.” He said softly. He was beginning to feel guilty now about his actions as Dallas shared with him his thoughts and that fact that he had disappointed the man ate at him.

Dallas put an arm around the younger man. “You are turnin’ out to be a fine young man Jalen and one day you’ll find yourself I believe in a position where you too will need to guide someone younger than yourself. I want you to remember that owning up to your faults is important. No one knows all or makes the appropriate decisions one hundred percent of the time.”

Jalen nodded. “I understand Dallas.” The young man bit his lip as he thought about things.

The ranch owner squeezed the younger man’s shoulders once more. “I at first thought it was your fault that Taurus was anxious, nervous and that you distracted him as well as myself by your presence, which in turn caused me to become distracted and to be charged and trampled.”

Jalen’s green eyes widened at this revelation. “I’m sorry…I wouldn’t have ever done anythin’ like that on purpose!”

Dallas squeezed Jalen. “I know Kid, I was angry at first, but as I have taken the time to look at the situation I realized it was my own over confidence that created the end result. I ought to have had someone else with me to work with Taurus. I underestimated him and my abilities, thinkin’ I could work with him myself. You are not in trouble for bein’ at the right place at the right time. I just wish you had tried to approach me again about your concerns instead of just takin’ things into your own hands.”


Jalen listened to Dallas as he spoke. As the older man continued, he began to feel the guilt at disobeying his mentor. He hadn’t used good judgment by slipping around and should have tried to express his concerns to his mentor and boss again.

The young man looked into the smoky blue eyes and said, his voice a bit shaky as he had never done this before, “Dallas…I need for you to spank me. I feel really bad that I disappointed you and was disobedient. You’re right; I should have tried to talk to you again instead of just slippin’ around.”


Dallas’s smoky blue eyes widened with surprise at Jalen’s request. The young man hadn’t ever before expressed a need to be spanked for absolution and his heart swelled with pride and love for his young cowhand. He studied him and asked softly, “You’re sure about this Kid?”

Jalen gave a quick nod before he could lose his nerve.

Dallas squeezed him tight this time. “All right…let’s get this finished then so we can move on.”

The young ranch hand stood up and without being told lowered his britches and under pants.

Dallas, once Jalen had readied himself pulled him over his lap and securing him asked, “Do you understand this spankin’ is to set things straight between us and to help you with the guilty feelings?”

The young man nodded. “Yes Sir.”

Dallas nodded to himself and said, “Very good.” His hard, large hand patted the upturned mounds and then proceeded to turn them a cherry red as he heated his young cowhand’s backside.


Jalen quickly wondered why he had asked for this as the heat built and the soreness prevailed. He tried not to wriggle or wiggle too much knowing the arm Dallas held him with was still not up to its full strength and not wanting to hurt the older man. It wasn’t long before his most sensitive sitting places were lit on fire. Dallas didn’t need to scold this time. Jalen knew just what the spanking was for and as he began to sob the guilt and other bad feelings left him.


Dallas watched and listened to his young ranch hand’s breathing and body movements as he repeatedly spanked the under curves and sit spots with slow, deliberate, hard swats, the kind he knew would leave a lasting impression on Jalen for a little while. Once the young man hung limp over his lap Dallas knew the guilt was gone and it was time to stop and give the comfort the youngster deserved.


Jalen felt himself being righted and settled in Dallas’s lap and wrapped his arms around the older man. He felt Dallas rub his back and stroke his hair, murmuring words of comfort and praise while pressing his face into the older man’s shoulder until his tears subsided and his breath evened out.


Dallas felt such love for this youngster…he thought of his own attraction and had tried unsuccessfully to hide the evidence of that in his lap.


As Jalen settled he noticed something else that he hadn’t quite been aware of and his green eyes widened, but he didn’t want to move away from the evidence of his mentor’s attraction to him. He glanced up at Dallas with questioning green eyes.


Dallas kept his smoky blue gaze locked with the green eyes and saw the surprise, but no fear as realization of the older man’s attraction registered on Jalen’s face.

Dallas asked, “Would you like more Jalen…for me to show you the way one man pleasures another?”

Jalen considered this a moment, then smiled and nodded. “Yes.”

Dallas hugged the young man tight. “All right, but not right now. We’ll need to wait a bit until your bottom has recovered sufficiently.”

Jalen pouted a little, but then nodded. “All right Dallas…but I hope it won’t be too long.”

Dallas chuckled. “Long enough for you to be comfortable is all.” He replied.

Jalen smiled and snuggled into his mentor and soon to become lover’s arms.


Later that night after Dallas and Jalen had spent the day cuddling, they had eaten supper and then tumbled into bed. Ever since the younger man had discovered the evidence of Dallas’s attraction to him earlier in the day he had been a bit impatient for the older man to show him about sexual pleasures, asking questions and a bit frustrated at being told he would just have to wait.

As Jalen lay beside Dallas he thought about the fact that usually after a spanking he would spend the night cuddled up to his mentor and then the next day return to his own room and his own bed. He was hoping that after tonight that would change and he’d be able to spend every night in Dallas’s bed cuddled up to him.

Spooning together Dallas asked, “Do you like doin’ this?”

Jalen replied, “Yes, it’s comfortin’ to me.”

Dallas pulled the young cowhand closer to him and could still feel a slight warmth from Jalen’s bottom against his groin. He took a few deep breaths to steady himself as that felt good to him too and he didn’t want to rush things. It had been quite a while since he had been able to find his own pleasure.

He began to caress the young man’s side from waist to hip and then instructed, “Turn over and lay on your stomach for me.”

Jalen anticipating something special did as he was instructed.

The older man rubbed gentle circles on the younger man’s back, making his way lower and lower until he came to Jalen’s mounds. “I’m going to take off your nightshirt.” Dallas said quietly to the young cowhand.

Jalen shivered a little and feeling both nervous yet cared for said trustingly, “Okay.”

Dallas removed the garment and then began to knead the tight muscles in the young man’s neck and back.


Jalen found himself losing himself in the sensations Dallas was creating and finding he really liked what the older man was doing and said, “Mmm…that feels good.”

Dallas nodded. “I’m glad. It should feel good.” He continued working his way down the young man’s back and when he reached the mounds rubbed them gently. He softly kneaded them, one in each hand and noticed when Jalen began to twitch his hips involuntarily and smiled to himself.


Jalen found he liked what was being done to him. When he felt the bigger man’s hands on his bottom he tensed a moment, but then because what Dallas was doing felt good relaxed again. In a bit he began to feel stirrings in his nether region and squirmed.


Dallas, being an experienced man knew just where to caress and touch to get the reactions he wanted. He then stopped, wanting to take his time.

Jalen protested as things came to a halt, but Dallas just smiled and said, “Be patient Kid.” The older man moved back up to Jalen’s back, not quite ready to go further until he was quite sure his young cowhand was ready for more, although by the little protest Jalen had made he knew the young man was eager.

The older man continued to knead the young man’s back and then instructed, “Turn toward me on your side.”

Jalen did as he was told and Dallas began to kiss his face, giving him chaste kisses at first, then little butterfly kisses all over the young face, covering Jalen’s eyelids, nibbling at his ear lobe and then along his jaw to his lips. Dallas’s hands roamed lower and teased the nubs on the matted chest causing Jalen to gasp. The older man smiled as he Watched the green eyes widen as the nubs grew hard. He again kissed Jalen’s lush lips, with a bit more pressure this time.


Jalen was surprised at the thrum and pull he felt in his body as his nipples were teased into hard nubs. He gazed wonderingly up at the older man and returned the kiss that was planted on his mouth.


Dallas continued to move his hands over Jalen’s body, his touch firm, but light enough to give pleasure. “I want you to tell me when I touch you what feels good and what doesn’t Kid.”

Jalen nodded. “’Kay Dallas, I will.”

As Dallas allowed his warm large hands to play over the smooth skin, he could feel the quivering and hear the soft moans of pleasure that escaped the Kid’s mouth. 

The ranch owner whispered into the young ranch hand’s ear, “You may also touch me if you like.”


Hesitantly Jalen reached out and began to explore Dallas’s body. Taking a deep breath he awkwardly ran his hand down his mentor’s chest, touching the nubs he felt under the hair. He liked the feel of the rough hair and was pleased when he felt the nubs harden under his exploring fingers, repeating what Dallas had done to him. The young cowhand grinned. “I made that happen.” He said in wonder.

Dallas chuckled softly and took the exploring hands in his. “Yes, you did. It will take you some time to learn these things, but I’m a patient man.”

The ranch owner, shifting closer to his young man placed a light kiss on Jalen’s lips. Dallas continued to use the sense of touch to excite and tease. “Touching helps make the experience better. It sensitizes your body and touching is a way to find the places that will produce the most pleasure for you.” He told his young man.

Jalen didn’t quite understand what his mentor meant until Dallas had begun to touch him in places he had never been touched by another person before and quickly realized what Dallas was trying to help him understand.


Lost in the sensations Dallas was producing, Jalen closed his eyes and returned the light kiss the ranch owner had placed on his lips as he was being touched in places no other had touched before other than himself. “I-I like that when you touch me there.” Jalen said, as Dallas fondled his sacs, remembering that the older man had told him to let him know what felt good and what didn’t. His body felt odd, his insides quivering with a growing excitement he had never known before. He couldn’t explain the sensations he was experiencing, he only knew they felt good in a new way.


Dallas nibbled at Jalen's earlobe and then moved to kissing him softly on his lush lips. Then he kissed him a bit harder, gently urging him to open with his tongue, causing the younger man to open his mouth tentatively.


Jalen was surprised when Dallas’s tongue invaded his mouth producing sensations that pulled at his manhood causing it to stir into life.


The ranch owner gently deepened the kiss and as he felt Jalen’s response he broke the kiss and whispered, “Easy now, slow and easy.”

Jalen panted, shifted and then let out a soft moan.

“Shhh, it’s ok.” Dallas said smiling as he brushed the sandy hair away from the emerald green eyes that were dilated with desire.

Dallas knew from past experience that with the relaxed state of the young man’s body and his hardness below, it wouldn’t take much for Jalen to succumb to his need to release. 


The ranch owner felt his own body responding in much the same way as the Kid’s and backed away, allowing Jalen to adjust to the sensations before proceeding.

Jalen made a noise of frustration as he felt Dallas back off.

The older man told him, “Don’t worry my love, although your manhood is impatient you will find waiting a bit longer a truly amazing experience.”

Dallas moved closer to the young man once more and could feel his own hardness touching Jalen lightly as they lay there together for a few moments feeling the warmth of each other’s bodies.

Jalen instinctively pressed closer to Dallas. The ranch owner moved his hand down to caress the inside of Jalen’s thighs, spreading him in the process.


The younger man couldn’t believe the little shocks that were moving through him at Dallas’s touch. “I-I like that.” He whispered hoarsely.

Dallas smiled. “I’m glad you do and you’re going to like what I’m about to do to you even more.” The ranch owner reached down between the spread legs and fondled the round sensitive sacs, causing Jalen to jump a bit, and then squirm in pleasure. Dallas also placed his hand around the now erect shaft of Jalen’s manhood and caressed its soft skin causing the young man to moan and writhe. Then he ran a finger up between the Kid’s mounds to the place of pleasure “This is your place of pleasure Jalen.” He told the younger man, pushing at it gently.


Jalen found himself pushing his hips closer into Dallas and then gasped as He felt the older man’s hand touch him where no one had touched him since he was a small boy and needed assistance in the outhouse. Jalen moaned as he felt Dallas’s finger move up between his mounds and stop at the place he was now feeling him pressing gently on, experiencing a mixture of pleasure and embarrassment. “Uhm…why are you touchin’ me there?” He asked softly.

Dallas asked, “Is it uncomfortable?”

Jalen shook his head, his sandy hair bouncing. “No…it feels oddly good, but it’s embarrasin’.” He told the bigger man quietly.

Dallas removed his finger from the sensitive spot and said softly, “Its ok, we don’t have to go there if you don’t want to, but it’s your place of pleasure and that’s why I’m touchin’ you there.”

Jalen said softly, I want to go there…it’s just different. I mean, I didn’t know that place could feel good like that.”

Dallas smiled and placed his finger back on the spot, rubbing it lightly and pushing the tip of it into the tight hole gently, moving it in and out, watching the young cowhand’s reaction very carefully.


Jalen’s mind whirled, the sensation his mentor was creating didn’t scare him It excited him. He could allow this man to continue to do that for a long time.

Dallas, seeing the look of desire in the green eyes asked quietly, “How does that feel?”

“It feels wonderful.” Jalen gasped out “It’s a new feeling and well it... it feels right.”

It’s quite the sensation isn’t it Dallas asked as he continued to gently work the spot. “You see, he murmured,” This is a strange sort of muscle. It is built for pushing things out, not allowing things in.” He told Jalen gently.

Jalen nodded. “Yes, uhm…that is the usual way of it.”

The ranch owner said quietly, “It’s the place where two men gain their pleasure. I put my manhood inside you in this spot.”

Jalen’s green eyes widened. “Uhm…you do?”

Dallas smiled and nodded “Mmmhmm…I’ll put some petroleum jelly on the spot and on my organ to make it more comfortable. At first, there will be resistance.” He said as he shifted and moved over Jalen a bit to retrieve the small jar he had placed on the nightstand earlier in preparation for this night.


Jalen watched a bit nervously as Dallas retrieve the small jar of petroleum jelly.
“That’s to help make it easier?” the young ranch hand asked shyly.

 The older man nodded lying back next to Jalen “It will make it a lot easier and safer. It helps prevent any muscle tears that could happen if this isn’t done carefully.” The ranch owner explained.

Jalen nodded and looked up at Dallas with trusting green eyes. “Will it hurt?” He asked a little apprehensively.

Dallas said, “It might a bit, but the pleasure will far outweigh whatever pain you may experience.”

Jalen bit his lip and stayed quiet for a moment considering and then said softly, “All right…I want you to do it.”

Dallas smiled and said, “Let me show you how I want you, the position we need to be in so we can do this well all right?”

Jalen bit his lip and then nodded. “Okay.”

Dallas positioned himself between Jalen’s legs, and then scooted up close, placing one of the young cowhand’s legs on each of his broad shoulders. “Are you comfortable?” He asked.

Jalen nodded. “It’s okay.”

Dallas then reached down and uncapped the jar of petroleum jelly he had placed by his side and using one finger, put a small amount in the opening and stretched it gently. Then he dipped two fingers in and repeated the process stretching the muscle gently until it relaxed enough for Dallas to enter Jalen. The ranch owner with his fingers moved gently in and out touching the place inside which he knew would bring great pleasure.


Jalen could not believe the sensations he was experiencing. He felt disappointed and bereft when Dallas took his fingers out. He wanted and needed more. 


Dallas watched the Kid’s green eyes widen and smiled as he began to squirm and Jalen’s erection was quite hard. Then he said, smoothing some of the jelly on his own erect manhood, “I think you’re ready now.” He smiled at Jalen. “Just keep your eyes on mine.” He instructed and then slowly began his entrance. He pushed in a bit and allowed Jalen’s body to adjust to his presence. Then, inch by inch entered until the Kid’s body had fully accepted the length of him.


Jalen bit his lip. He found himself so drawn to his mentor.
As Dallas gently moved in and out, the young man began to experience the sensations again he had with the Ranch owner’s fingers inside of him. Jalen began to move instinctively with Dallas’s thrusts, wanting the sensations he was feeling to build. They were building…his manhood ached with the need for release, but not quite there yet. A few more strokes…then…


Dallas went slow and easy, building the sensations for both of them. He teased the nubs on Jalen’s chest and continued to kiss him. His large, warm hands caressed the young man’s body until he was panting for release.

The ranch owner gripped the young man’s hips and while he was inside, he felt the old familiar tension in his groin. Dallas’s manhood was hard and his sensitive sacs, along with the friction were all combining together to send him over the edge. The older man didn’t want to let go first so he slowed a bit and continued to watch the green eyes as they widened in amazement. He could feel Jalen’s body tense and then the release and he allowed himself to release at the same time.


Jalen panted and moved instinctively and Dallas set the pace.
As the sensations built and his body began to respond to the Ranch owner’s ministrations he couldn’t help but grin. He watched the smoky blue eyes and when the explosion came as he released he was amazed. He’d never felt anything like it before. He thought Dallas was amazing to be able to make him feel that way.

Dallas rolled off Jalen and cuddled together with him, waiting for their breathing to return to normal.  Once that happened, the older man helped Jalen clean himself. They lay spooned together in the aftermath glow of their love making.  As Dallas listened to Jalen’s slow, even breathing he sent up a prayer to God for sending this young man to him.

The end

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