The Train Robbery - Chapter 1

Ruby smiled. “Yes, I think that sapphire blue would suit you well. It would set off the blue in your eyes.”

Lily grinned. “Yes and its cut so it would really show off your charms.” She winked at Dawn who was a buxom girl.

Dawn chuckled. “Not enough though to catch the eye of our young Deputy Brett Montgomery. I tried that very first day he showed up in town and he said something I thought rather strange.”

Ruby asked, “What did he say?”

Lily also looked on curiously.

Ruby looked thoughtful. “Hard to say, he might have been out of sorts that day, wasn’t he arrested by Sheriff Brooks that night and hadn’t he been drinkin’ pretty good too?”

Dawn nodded. “Yes, he was both, drinkin’ and arrested.”

Lily said, “Perhaps he was worried ‘bout bein’ an outlaw and had other things on his mind.”

Dawn shrugged. “Maybe, but even now he never comes in here to seek out the companionship of any of us. I’m kinda used to Sheriff Brooks not doin’ it, but Brett’s pretty young and you’d think he’d be interested.”

Ruby said, “Perhaps he’s shy, never been with a woman before.”

Lily nodded. “Could be maybe he’s scared.”

Ruby shrugged. “Maybe not. Not all young men are that eager to have their first encounter with a whore.”

Dawn bit her lip at Ruby’s use of the word whore. As saloon girls they did give sexual favors, but mostly they provided companionship for the lonely men who wanted to dance, have some conversation and buy a woman a drink, which meant they too would be drinking and making money for the saloon. If they wanted more…well it was just an extra. Her sister Janelle worked at a bordello in Denver and although she knew the men called her a whore, she still wasn’t comfortable with people saying that word, especially about her own sister. 

Lily smiled. “Well, you should catch his eye with that dress I’d say.”

Ruby nodded. “Yes, it says here that the store is in Denver . If you didn’t want to buy it through the catalog you could go to Denver and go to the store. Then you could try it on and see if it’s really you and if not perhaps there would be a better selection and find somethin’ else you’d really like.”

Lily smiled. “That would also be fun.”

Dawn smiled. “I could. I have a little money set aside that I could do that with. Make it an excitin’ adventure.”

The other girls smiled and nodded.

Dawn grinned. “I think I shall do exactly that. I’ll have to talk to Gabe to let him know I’m goin’ and I’m sure he’ll have no problem with it.”

Lily said, “I’m sure he won’t. He’s a real sweetie.”

Ruby nodded and said, “He’s the best man I’ve ever worked for. He respects us and doesn’t act mean to us or anythin’.”

Dawn smiled. “He also protects us.”

“That he does.” Ruby and Lily said in unison and then giggled.

Lily said, “That brother of his is quite handsome too.”

Ruby added, “So is his young partner.”

Dawn sighed. “All the handsome men in town and none of them are interested in spending time with us.”

Ruby shook her head. “It’s a shame. I suppose with Gabe being the owner of this place it might make it awkward for either of them to spend time with us, business and all.”

Lilly nodded. “I notice they like to hang out with Sheriff Brooks and our new Deputy.”

Dawn smiled. “They’re all polite enough when they do come in, even Brett after that first day.”

Lily nodded. “I like it when they are around though; everyone else seems to behave themselves so much better. Even the strangers who wander in from the railroad.”

Ruby smiled, “True, Sheriff Brooks won’t put up with any nonsense and Gabe won’t allow the customers to get too offensive.”

Dawn smiled. “They’re all very sweet though.”

Lily and Ruby smiled and nodded.

Dawn said, “Well if I’m going to make my way to Denver to get that dress I’d better go find Gabe and talk to him.”

The other girls went back to their personal tasks, getting ready for the late afternoon and evening crowd.


Dan smiled at Cole. “Are you all packed yet?”

Cole gave Dan a sour look. “No and I don’t intend to be until the day we leave.”

Dan arched an eyebrow. “Cole, we’ve had this conversation many times in our travels. I want you to get your packin’ finished. If there’s anythin’ you need then we can be sure to get it before we go and you’ll be ready instead of leavin’ everythin’ to the last minute.”

“I hate packin’ It’s a pain, you gotta fold everythin’, then you gotta put them in the carpet bag just right so they don’t wrinkle…I don’t see the point in it.”

Dan shook his head and went over to Cole and pulled him into his arms from behind and squeezed him tight. “Come on my wild one. Just for me hmm?”

Cole snuggled into the embrace and felt himself melting. “Oh all right…just for you I’ll do it.”

Dan grinned and hugged his young man once more and then spun him from his arms and landed a swat to his bottom. “Good. Then get movin’.”

Cole yelped and then pouted, rubbing the spot. “I said, I’d do it…you didn’t have to do that.”

Dan tousled his young man’s auburn hair. “I know, but I had to coerce you.”

Cole grinned. “I love you Dan.”

Dan pulled Cole back into his arms and kissed him soundly. “I love you too; now let’s get finished with the packin’. I want to be able to enjoy our tour of the Herman Oak Leather factory and there’s a lot to see in St. Louis .”

Cole grinned. “Yes, I’m excited about it.”

Dan smiled. “After all it is the gateway to the west.”

Cole grinned. “There should be lots of nice shops and things we can visit and maybe find some things we can use in our leatherwork we can’t find around here.”

Dan nodded. “At least we can take a river boat ride, maybe take in a baseball game if the Brown Stockings are in town and enjoy the sights.”

Cole smiled. “Yes, it should be fun.” He began to fold his clothing like Dan had taught him to when packing while they had spent so much time on the road.

Dan began packing a small bag with things to keep his young partner occupied knowing full well how restless and bored the young man could become on a short trip, no less a long one like this was going to be. It could take them as long as six days to get to St. Louis , because there were many times delays and the occasional train derailment. He was very glad he had reserved bunks for them on the Pullman car. He couldn’t imagine trying to travel all that way with Cole and not be able to get him to sleep.  Sitting up would not be the best way to sleep on such a long trip. He didn’t want to have to find the baggage car and spank his young man and make things even more uncomfortable for him. He wanted this trip to be a fun filled time for both of them.

Cole noticed Dan filling a small bag with books, playing cards and other things like puzzles and such. “Packing my activity bag Dan?” He teased.

Dan grinned. “Yes, I know very well by now how easily bored you can get and I’ve learned over the years we’ve been together that a bored Cole is a recipe for mischief and naughtiness.” Cole pouted a little “I ain’t that bad am I Dan?”

Dan went over and hugged Cole. “No, but bad enough and I’d like to avoid havin’ to discipline you on the train. So I’m goin’ to do everythin’ in my power to see that doesn’t happen. We haven’t had a real fun trip together in a long time and I don’t want to have to deal with any naughtiness if it can be prevented. Of course should it happen I would deal with it as always, but I’d like not to have to so it’s wise to take precautionary measures.”

Cole nodded. “Thank you Dan, I’ll try real hard to behave and not be naughty.”

Dan kissed the top of the auburn head. “I know you will and you’re not to worry. We will have a fun time. We’re on this trip for pleasure and not work. I’ll have time to spend with you instead of havin’ to deal with the books and other things for the business.”

“That will be different. Then we can go to the observation car together and talk and play games and spend the whole time together.”

Dan smiled. “Yes, even reading in companionable silence. We can also plan some of the things we’d like to do when we get to St. Louis .”

Cole grinned. “Yes, that would be really nice.”

Dan pulled Cole to him once more and with a playful swat to his bottom said, “We still have some projects to do before we leave, so get your packin’ finished and then get to work.”

Cole snuggled into Dan’s arms and didn’t mind the playful swat. He said, “Okay Dan.” Then worked on his packing and when he was finished, headed into the shop where he went to work finishing up his current projects.


Dawn came downstairs into the saloon and saw Gabe at the bar. She went over to him and said, “Gabe, I’d like to talk to you.”

Gabe, polishing the bar turned and smiled at the young girl. “Sure Dawn, what is it?”

“I’d like some time off. I’d like to go to Denver . There’s a dress shop there I want to visit and buy a new dress.”

Gabe smiled. “When were you thinkin’ of goin’?”

“I’m not sure. As soon as it can be arranged I expect.”

Gabe asked, “How long will you be in Denver ?”

Dawn shrugged, “Not sure a few weeks perhaps. I know some people there and would like to do some visitin’.”

Gabe studied her. “I’m not sure I like the idea of you bein’ in Denver all alone…will you be stayin’ at a hotel or with friends?”

Dawn smiled at the older man’s concern. “Actually with family. I have a sister who works at Madam Willow’s house there and I’m hopin’ I can visit with her, maybe stay at the house.”

Gabe gave her a look. “You wire your sister and make arrangements. Then let me know and I’ll let you know. Dan and Cole are traveling to St. Louis and you can travel to Denver with them and then catch the train they’ll be on when you come back. I’m not thrilled with you traveling alone.”

Dawn smiled and gave Gabe a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll do that Gabe and you’re a dear to worry over us girls so.”

Gabe flushed slightly. “Go on with you now and make your plans.”

Dawn fairly danced up the stairs to tell the other girls what Gabe had said. She wouldn’t mind traveling with Dan and Cole either. They weren’t hard on the eyes.


Janelle Belden read the wire she had been handed and smiled. Her little sister wanted to come to visit from Diamond Springs. She said she wanted to go dress shopping when she got here and would travel here with two gentlemen who were going on to St. Louis and she would hook up with them on their way back through Denver and returning to Diamond Springs. She went to Madam Willow. “Madam Willow?”

“Yes Janelle?”

“My sister Dawn is a saloon girl over to Diamond Springs. She’s wantin’ to come to Denver to shop for dresses and wanted to know if she could stay here with me and visit while she’s doin’ her shoppin’.”

Madam Willow looked at Janelle. “How long does she want to stay?”

Janelle said, “A few weeks. My sister is travelin’ to and From Denver with a couple of gentlemen who are escortin’ her from Diamond Springs and back. They’re goin’ on to St. Louis and will be there for a bit. She’s goin’ to hook up with them on their way back through Denver , headin’ back to Diamond Springs. She’s real good at entertainin’ the men Perhaps she can act as escort and companion while she’s here?”

Madam Willow considered the offer and nodded. “All right, bein’ she’s only goin’ to be here a few weeks.”

Janelle smiled at Madam Willow. “Thank you Madam…I appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome Janelle. Bein’ you’re one of my best girls I believe you’ve earned a privilege or two.” The older woman said.

Janelle blushed at the praise. “Thank you Madam Willow. I appreciate it.” The young woman then headed over to the telegraph office and sent her sister a wire telling her it was all right with Madam Willow if she stayed there and performed escort and companion services.


Dawn smiled at Ruby and Lily as she finished reading the telegram. “Janelle says Madam Willow is willin’ to allow me to stay! I gotta go tell Gabe right away!”

Ruby laughed as the young woman jumped up and down like a little girl and went from the room.

Lily said, “It’s good to see her so happy.”

Ruby nodded. “Yes it is and I’m so glad her sister will be able to have her with her and that Gabe will allow her to go now.”

Lily smiled. “Yes.”


Gabe Fairmont had just finished serving a customer when Dawn showed up at the bar waiting for him. He could tell by the smile on her face she had good news from her sister. He went back to the bar and asked, “Good news from your sister Dawn?”

Dawn smiled. “Yes, Madam Willow has said I can come there to stay with Janelle and I can do escort and companion services while I’m there if I’d like to.”

Gabe smiled. “Very good. I hope you enjoy yourself. I’ll let Dan and Cole know you’ll be traveling with them.”

Dawn nodded. “All right, when will they be leavin’ so I can let my sister know when I’ll be arrivin’?”

Gabe said, “The day after tomorrow. They have some work they need to finish up before they can leave and Dan told me that was when they decided to go.”

Dawn nodded. “All right, I’ll wire my sister and tell her.”

Gabe smiled. “You do that.”

The young lady gave Gabe a brief hug and then scampered up the stairs to tell the other girls.

Later that day Gabe went over to the Saddlery when business was slow. He poked his head into where Dan and Cole were working. “Hello there you two.” He greeted.

Dan looked up and smiled. “Hi there little brother…what brings you over here?”

Cole smiled. “Hello Gabe.” He greeted.

Gabe said, “One of the girls, Dawn Belden is goin’ to Denver to go dress shoppin’. She can stay with her sister at Madam Willow’s where she works. I was wonderin’ if you two would mind traveling with her to Denver and then hooking back up with her on your way back from St. Louis ? I really don’t like the idea of her traveling alone on the train.”

Dan glanced at Cole and grinned at Gabe. “Always the protector hmm?”

Gabe blushed. “Well, the girls should be protected.”

Dan smiled at his younger brother. “Yes, I agree.” He grinned at Cole. “Do you mind if we escort Miss Dawn?”

Cole grinned back at Dan. “No, it will be our pleasure to escort one of your girls Gabe.”

Gabe smiled and shook his head at the two. “I don’t know what I’m goin’ to do with the both of you…love you I suppose.” He teased. “Thank you though, I do appreciate it.”

Dan grinned exchanging a look with Cole. “You’re welcome Gabe.” He went over and hugged his brother. Gabe returned the hug and Cole watched the two brothers, smiling.

Dan let Gabe go and Gabe said, “I’ll let her know you’ve agreed to escort her.”

Dan said, “All right Gabe.”

Gabe grinned and left to return to the Diamond Dust.


When Gabe returned to the saloon he saw Dawn as she and the other girls came down to begin their work for the late afternoon and evening crowd. Gabe beckoned Dawn over.


Dawn smiled at Gabe as she and Lily and Ruby came downstairs. “Hello Gabe.” She called. Seeing him beckoning her, she went over and asked, “What is it Gabe?”

Gabe said, “I spoke to Dan and Cole and they said they’d be happy to escort you to and from Denver .”

Dawn kissed Gabe on the cheek. “Thank you Gabe, I’m glad they agreed. They’ll be good company.”

Gabe smiled. “You’re welcome and I’m sure they will be.”

Dawn went over to Ruby and Lily to tell them the good news and her friends smiled.


“We won’t be able to have any time with each other while we’re travelin’ or while we’re in St. Louis…I hate we have to be so careful all the time.” Cole told Dan.

Dan came over and placed his hands on Cole’s shoulders and bent down and nibbled his ear.

Cole squirmed a bit, but then the hazel eyes connected with the violet ones and he could see the desire in his partner’s eyes. Cole smiled and then said, “Let’s make this one good enough to last until we get back.”

Dan chuckled and replied, “I can try, but knowin’ you it might just last until we get to St. Louis and then you’ll be wantin’ more.”

Cole grinned. “I can’t help it if I enjoy my man.”

Dan smiled and took the younger man into his arms and kissed him thoroughly. When Dan finally released Cole’s mouth, coming up for air, Cole was breathless. He rubbed himself against Dan and grinned when he felt his lover’s organ respond, his jeans growing tighter in just the right place.

Dan chuckled down low in his throat. “Anxious hmm?” He teased.

Cole just nodded his head vigorously, his hair flopping as he did so.

Dan scooped up his young lover and carried him to the bedroom, kicking the door closed and placing him on the bed. Then he began to undress him, starting with Cole’s shirt. He undid each button slowly, then kissed the skin underneath and licked it as well, tasting his saltiness. He continued down until he came into contact with the belt and the fastening of the young man’s jeans. He then pulled the shirt tails out and spread the shirt open and then began to suckle on one nipple while gently pinching and rolling the nub between his fingers of the other, licking, nibbling and sucking on the one he had selected until it was erect and hard as a nail head. Then he transferred his attention to the other one, giving it equal attention until he could hear Cole panting and feel him squirming under his hands at what he was doing.

Dan pulled his head back and looked into the hazel eyes dazed and full of passion and desire. He kissed Cole’s mouth and deepened the kiss while all the while rubbing both sensitized nipples until Cole’s physical desire was very evident, straining against the fly of his jeans. Dan’s hand moved down and rubbed the place and Cole moaned. Then he unfastened the belt and then, one button at a time removed them from their hole and kissed the hard softness beneath, causing Cole to moan and pant with desire.


Cole found his man’s mouth on him, kissing and licking and nibbling. As he played with his nipples and they grew sensitive, he also felt a pulling in his groin. He squirmed and as Dan possessed his mouth and deepened the kiss and continued to rub his nipples Cole couldn’t help but let out a moan of pleasure. When his lover went lower his desire grew and he felt the hardness straining against the material of his jeans and as he felt Dan release him little by little and kissing each place he thought he was going to burst before he finished and strained hard to remaining control.


Dan continued his slow sweet torture of his young man and once he had unbuttoned the jeans slid them off along with his underpants. He smiled at the tight erection and then readied himself and using Vaseline prepared Cole and entered, slow and easy. He had placed his hands on the young man’s hips and raised him so his feet were over his shoulders and he began to pump. He sometimes liked this position so he could see Cole’s face and the ecstasy of their love making.


Cole felt dazed as Dan ministered to his most basic need and when he felt himself being positioned smiled. He liked it when Dan chose to make love this way. He loved to see the face of his lover, the day’s growth of his dark beard which made him look a bit dangerous and the violet eyes shine with passion. When Dan entered him he moaned with pleasure once more and as his lover began to move, he also moved to match him in the age old rhythm.


Dan pumped faster and faster, unable to hold back any longer as Cole moaned his pleasure once more. Dan gave out a loud groan and moan of his own as he came inside his lover and felt the spurt of warmth on his own chest and stomach as Cole’s climax found its release.

They lay together panting and once their breathing returned to normal Dan got up and taking a cloth he had dipped into warm water cleaned himself and then his young lover and then crawled back into the bed spooning together and covering them both. “How was that my wild one?” He asked.

“Wonderful…wild and one of the best times we’ve had in a while.” Cole whispered turning and kissing Dan’s cheek and then turning face to face and kissing Dan’s mouth, then deepening the kiss and finally came up breathless once more.

Dan chuckled softly and then Cole laid his head on Dan’s shoulder and Dan cuddled the young man close and they both drifted off into a deep sleep well sated from their lovemaking.

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