Jalen smiled as he awoke with Brett next to him. He gently shook the younger man. “Come on Deputy, rise and shine.”

Brett peeked open a blue eye and snuggled closer and said, “Not yet.”

The Sheriff said, “I’d love to snuggle all day too, but its Saturday and we have a town to protect. You know Saturday is the day when lots of folk come to town.”

The younger man frowned, but then yawned and said, “All right.” As he rolled over to get out of bed Jalen landed a playful swat on the bare bottom.

Brett turned and grinned “Is that a promise of things to come later?”

The older man grinned back and said teasingly, “Could be.”

Later that morning Jalen frowned as he stepped into the Sheriff’s office and saw papers strewn all over the desk and a half empty coffee pot and Bret lounging back in the desk chair. “I asked you to file these reports…what have you been doing?” He asked his Deputy sternly.

Brett said, “Relaxin’. I’ll get to them…don’t worry.”

Jalen went over, pulled Brett to his feet and landed a swat to his bottom that warned of more to come if he didn’t do the task he had been assigned.

Brett yelped and rubbed. “Sorry…I’ll get to it right away.”

Jalen nodded. “All right. I’ll be back. I need to finish the rounds.”

Brett nodded. ”Okay.” He watched as Jalen left. Once the Sheriff was out of sight He sat back down in the chair, leaned back again and continued to relax…falling asleep.

When Jalen returned from his rounds he walked into his office to see his Deputy and lover fast asleep in the chair and the work unfinished. He said quietly, but firmly, “Brett wake up.”

The young Deputy, startled came to his feet. “Jalen!” He cried, startled.

The Sheriff took hold of Brett, turned him and landed a hard stinging swat to the younger man’s bottom. “Get the work finished I asked you to do and after we will be having a discussion around work habits and following through on your assigned tasks.” He told the boy sternly.

Brett yelped at the swat, his hand going back to rub at the stinging place. He bit his lip. He realized he’d gone too far and his bottom was going to be roasted. He realized he should have just gotten on the task he had been assigned and not procrastinated, falling asleep. “I’m sorry Jalen.” He said quietly.

Jalen hugged Brett. “I know and we will sort it all out once you’ve finished the filing I’ve asked you to do.”

Brett snuggled into the hug and Jalen stroked his back. “You’re a good boy Brett, just that you don’t think about the consequences to your actions sometimes.”

Brett nodded and said, “I’ll go take care of the filing now.”

Jalen let the young man go and he tended to his task, knowing there would be more to this discussion later.

The Sheriff occupied himself with other things and once Brett had finished his task it was time to go home for the day. The older man put his arm around his young outlaw’s shoulders and said, “Come on…we need to get home and finish things.”

Brett snuggled into the arm, even though he knew what the discussion would consist of once they got home and went with Jalen.

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