Discovery - Chapter 5

Daniel Fairmont walked with his partner Cole Tucker, his arm around the younger
man's shoulders to the woodshed. He said quietly, "Cole, it's been a while since
we've found ourselves in this position; I'm hoping it will be a long time before
we need to do this again."

Cole nodded. "Me too Dan."

Daniel opened up the woodshed and lit the lantern he knew would be there.
Stepping back to allow Cole to enter he closed the door behind them.

Cole found strength in Dan's calm and assured manner. He wondered why he should
be nervous, but he always seemed to be when faced with a punishment. He trusted
Dan to not hurt him. He'd had plenty of opportunities starting with the day they
met, but never once had Dan been rough with him. Sure he'd lit his bottom on
fire and made sitting an uncomfortable experience for a while, but there had
always been cuddling and forgiveness and no recriminations after they had
cleared the air. Dan never brought up past misdeeds unless Cole brought them up
himself. He felt respected and cared for and loved and cherished by Dan. He just
couldn't figure out why the butterflies were there, but he supposed it was in
anticipation of how much his backside was going to sting, burn and ache


Dan watched the myriad of emotions flit through Cole's hazel eyes. They were
more brown than usual which told Dan his young partner was distressed and
worried. He pulled him close and stroked the young man's back and said quietly,
"It's goin' to be all right Cole."

Cole nodded and snuggled into his partner's arms which always gave him a sense
of belonging and grounded him emotionally.

After a time Dan said, "It's time to get this finished with Cole."

Cole nodded and said, "All right Dan."

Dan eased Cole from him and asked, "Can you tell me what mistakes you made today
and what rules you broke so we're clear on why you're being punished?"

Cole nodded and bit his lip, Then looking up into Dan's violet eyes he said
quietly, "I didn't follow through with bein' responsible in watching the Diamond
Dust for Gabe when I promised I would. I shirked my duties and was
irresponsible, leaving everything unattended. I drank beer when I'm not supposed
to do that unless you're with me and I left without permission or tellin' anyone
where I was goin and I fired my gun without good reason." He listed his misdeeds
and broken rules in a practiced manner.

Dan nodded and said, "Yes, I believe you covered everything. Which of those
things were dangerous?" Dan asked.

Cole cringed at Daniel's question. "Drinkin' without you bein' with me and
firin' my gun without good reason and also without permission and unsupervised
target practice."

Dan nodded. "Yes, that's correct Cole."

Cole stood and waited for the command. He was used to the ritual. As he received
the order he was expecting and prepared himself, he cringed and his hazel eyes
widened when he saw Dan had the small paddle in his hand as though it had
appeared out of nowhere.


Jalen walked with Brett to the barn and went over to the bench just outside of
the tack room. He sat down and patted the space next to him. "Come and sit
Brett. We need to talk."

Bret went over and sat next to Jalen immediately cuddling close to his side. "I
didn't mean to get in trouble Jalen." He said softly.

The Sheriff tousled the black curls and said quietly, "I know kid, but you did
get in trouble."

The young outlaw looked up at the Sheriff. "Are you mad?" He asked biting his
lower lip, not sure of the older man's response.

Jalen shook his head. "I'm not mad; I was more scared and disappointed. I
trusted you to go into town, deliver the wreath to Gabe as you said and then to
come back to the office so you could work on your lessons. I didn't expect you
to get drunk and do some target shooting out in the field in the back of the

Brett hung his head. "I'm sorry Jalen, I guess havin' someone near my own age to
be with caused me to make some bad decisions. I shouldn't have had the beer
first of all without you being there and I never should have argued with him
about my ability to shoot. That was what caused us to have a target shootin'
contest. I was tryin' to show him I was the better shot."

Jalen shook his head. "Neither of you could hit a thing havin' been drinkin'.
The two don't mix together."

Brett nodded. "I know that, I saw members of the gang do that kind of thing, but
it sounded good at the time."

Jalen nodded. "I can understand that. I've done similar things when I lived with
Dallas, but I also had to pay the consequences of my poor choices, just like you

Brett bit his lower lip. "I'm sorry Jalen." He said softly.

The Sheriff cuddled his young outlaw. "I know you are, but that doesn't clear
the slate kid, you still need to atone for your poor choices."

The younger man sighed and cuddled even closer. "I know Jalen, but it doesn't
mean I have to like it."

The older man shook his head. "No it doesn't mean you have to like it, only
accept it."

The younger man nodded. "Yes Sir."

After cuddling for a while Jalen asked, "Ready for us to get this over with so
we can move on?"

The young outlaw looked up into the green eyes with his blue ones and gave a
little nod.

"I know that was hard Brett and thank you for accepting the consequences of your

Brett asked, "Is it going to hurt lots?" sounding younger than his twenty-one

The Sheriff shook his head. "No more than any other time I've had cause to give
you a good spankin'. I'll never hurt you my outlaw. I'll give you what you need
and deserve, never more than you can handle. I promise."

Brett nodded. "'Kay Jalen.

The Sheriff eased the young outlaw to his feet, standing him in front of him.
"Just so we're both clear and on the same page here tell me what you did that's
landed you in this position Brett Ashton Montgomery."

Brett swallowed hard and said softly, "Broke my trust by drinkin' unsupervised
and firing a weapon which is against my rules of probation and could be just
cause to send me to prison."

Jalen nodded. "Yes, very good." He looked at Brett and said, "You know what I
expect you to do kid."

Brett indeed knew what was expected of him and prepared himself for his


Dan watched as Cole unfastened his jeans and pushed them down along with his
underpants. It always amazed him how much this young man trusted him to care for
him. They generally had little difficulty with this part of the relationship.
Once they discussed the situation and Cole could see where he used poor judgment
or recognized his behavior was poor accepted the spanking without a lot of fuss.
It humbled Dan that he was given this power so freely. He was careful to never
abuse it or betray the trust the young man placed in his care. He seldom used
other implements, but this time Daniel believed he had just cause. The first
time Dan had suggested the paddle they'd talked about it for a very long time.
Once they had agreed about when and how it would be used, it had become a part
of what they did when Cole had messed up big time and this was unfortunately one
of those times. Daniel sighed to himself. He watched as his young partner's
hazel eyes widened at the sight of the paddle, reflecting both surprise and
dread, as he knew the powerful sting that innocent looking little paddle could


Jalen watched as Brett removed his jeans and underpants in preparation for his
spanking. He was happy to see the younger man trusting him more and more each
day. He hadn't had any problem cuddling the younger man while they talked about
this. Cuddling had been a pleasurable experience, even though the reason for
them doing it wasn't. He loved the feel of the young warm body close to his. He
remembered doing a similar thing with Dallas when he'd messed up and was in
trouble and could now understand how the older man may have felt when caring for
him as their relationship grew. A part of him still wished Dallas was still
alive and he'd have the security and caring of the man, but then he'd have never
met Brett and have this experience of his own. He was surprised at the feelings
of humbleness he felt as his young outlaw had allowed himself to be eased away
and once they had clarified things was now preparing himself for his spanking,
displaying a great deal of trust in Jalen to keep his word and not hurt him. The
Sheriff came to a realization of the responsibility he had accepted in this
relationship and it scared him a little. To have another's well being in your
hands was a great responsibility, one he hadn't fully realized until this


Once Cole had removed his clothing, he put his hand in Dan's and thee older man
pulled his young partner to him for one last hug before assisting him over his
lap. He gave the mounds a light pat before he began to land sharp, stinging
spanks to the bottom before him. Daniel let his hand express his displeasure at
Cole's behavior. He spanked until his young partner's bottom glowed a hot,
bright, rosy pink.


Cole gasped at the first sharp spanks. He was always surprised; although after
all this time he shouldn't be at how Dan's hard hand landing on his bottom so
sharply took his breath away. He found himself kicking and wriggling before long
and his gasps turn into whimpers and yelps.


Dan tipped Cole forward and began to spank the under curves and sit spots.
"You've behaved very naughty today Cole and your bottom is goin' to pay in full
for that naughtiness." Dan proclaimed. His hard hand continued to fall on the
most tender part of Cole's bottom and kept falling until it was a dusky pink,
bordering on red. Cole had begun to kick his feet and cry now at the heat that
was being generated in his bottom. Dan felt His partner's hands reach down to
hold onto his leg.


Cole grit his teeth and held on tight when he felt himself being tipped further
over Dan's lap. He knew from past experience exactly what that meant and knew it
was going to hurt a lot. Daniel didn't disappoint him. He began to cry despite
himself and kick. He heard himself crying out now with the painful swats. "Oww!
Ouch! Please! Oww!" He felt a pause in the spanking, but realized it was not yet
over as he felt Dan's body twist to one side. He knew exactly from past
experience what was going to happen next. He felt the cool wood of the paddle
against his hot flesh. This was the part Cole hated the most. It wasn't so much
the sting of the paddle, although that was bad enough, but Dan's scolding that
tended to undo him.


Dan twisted and picked up the little paddle. He steeled himself for what he had
to do. He didn't enjoy spanking his partner, but knew it was an effective way of
keeping him from doing foolish things. He landed the paddle on the under curves
and then on the sit spots as he scolded. "Shirking your responsibilities will
earn you a sore bottom every time. Your word is all a man has; breaking your
word makes you untrustworthy." He continued to spank with the little paddle in
no predictable pattern, targeting an under curve, a sit spot or an under curve
or a sit spot a few times in succession. "Leavin' without tellin' anyone is also
unacceptable and will earn you a sound spankin' every time. I want to know
you're safe or to know where to find you if somethin' happens." He continued
sharp stinging swats with the paddle, causing his partner to cry out and kick
and wriggle and hold tightly to his leg. ""Drinkin' without supervision is also
against the rules we set up for our relationship and earns you a spankin' as
well. You don't know when enough is enough." Dan continued to snap the paddle
down causing Cole to howl. "Finally, I love you too much and care about you too
much to lose you. Shootin' your pistol without good cause and with too much to
drink is what has earned you this sound paddling. I don't know what I would do
without you." Dan said quietly, his own voice husky with emotion as he paddled
Cole soundly.


Cole howled, cried, kicked and squirmed frantically at the sting of the paddle.
Dan's words got to his heart and he began to sob. He was getting his sitting
area set afire, but he knew in his heart he deserved every spank and when
Daniel's voice became husky with his own emotions Cole broke down completely and
sobbed like a baby. "I-I'm s-sorry!" He sobbed. He knew Dan knew he was sorry,
but he had to put voice to it.


As his partner sobbed and wailed and then cried out his apology Dan ceased the
spanking, feeling the younger man go limp. Daniel was through and now all he
wanted to do was to cuddle and comfort his partner. He did so as he easily
turned Cole upright in his strong arms and cuddled him, making sure his sore
bottom didn't touch anything.

Dan stroked the auburn hair and murmured nonsense words of comfort until his
young partner calmed enough to hear Daniel's words of forgiveness. Once Cole had
settled down Dan cuddled him for a while longer. When he saw his young partner
getting sleepy he scooped him into his arms and carried him through the yard and
into the house. Once inside he brought him up the stairs and to the room Jalen
had told him was for guests. He settled Cole in the bed on his tummy and then
got undressed and joined him.


Jalen reached out for Brett's hand and he gave it to the Sheriff. The older man
settled his young outlaw over his lap. He hadn't really had to do this very
often, but when it was needed he didn't shy away from it either. He was becoming
more confident in his technique after that first time and knew what to do and
how to do it. He patted the bare upturned mounds and spanked hard and slow. It
wouldn't leave bruises or marks, but would produce an ache that would stay with
the young man for most of the day tomorrow.

Jalen scolded as he spanked. "Drinkin' without me to supervise is against the
rules. It is supervised only because it tends to allow young men to use poor
judgment just like it did with that target shootin'."

Brett kicked and wriggled. "Yes Sir! Oww! Oww!" Brett cried.

Once Jalen had reddened his young outlaw's bottom thoroughly he tipped him and
began to spank the tender under curves and sit spots. "Handlin' no less shootin'
a firearm without supervision or very good reason can get you sent to prison kid
and I love you too much to allow that to happen." The Sheriff set about spanking
Brett until he felt the lesson had been learned.

Brett kicked, wriggled and squirmed at the hard, stinging spanks being applied
to his sensitive sitting area. He yelped and begged, "Oww! Oh Please! Oww!"

He knew from past experience the Sheriff wouldn't stop until he believed Brett
had learned his lesson. He couldn't help the moving around and he grabbed
Jalen's leg holding on while his seat got hotter and hotter. Finally, when Brett
thought he couldn't take one more spank on his flaming bottom and had long ago
become a sobbing, pleading begging, then sorrowful young man collapsed over the
Sheriff's lap. The spanking came to an end.


Jalen, spanked one full circuit after Brett collapsed over his lap. He didn't
need a paddle he thought as his hard hand made is displeasure very well known.
Dallas had done this to his bottom many a time and sometimes he thought it was
worse than when he used the hair brush or the paddle. The ache seemed to last
a bit longer the next day.

He administered the final spank to the upturned bottom in front of him and then
with strong arms righted his young outlaw and cuddled him close and made sure
there was no pressure on the sore backside. He rocked him slightly as he crooned
and spoke softly to Brett, until the young man's sobs turned into more quiet

Jalen said softly, "I love you and forgive you. We can start over again. I don't
ever want to lose you kid." He added softly.


Brett's backside was on fire, and when he felt himself being righted he
immediately cuddled into his Sheriff's chest and was immediately rewarded by
Jalen cuddling him, stroking him and whispering soft words and finally as he
calmed the words of forgiveness he'd needed. He continued to cuddle and then
said softly, "That hurt Jalen."

Jalen hugged Brett tight. "I know. I want you to know just how much I love you."

Brett said, "I wish you wouldn't love me so hard then. Can't you find another
way to let me know how much you love me?"

Jalen hugged Brett tight. "I think this is a very effective way. It gets the
point across very well."

Brett made a face. "You would think so."

Jalen just hugged Brett and cuddled him close for a while.

The young outlaw yawned and cuddled closer to Jalen.

"I think someone needs to be put to bed." The Sheriff observed.

Brett grinned up and nodded. "Uh huh."

Jalen stood up with Brett in his arms and strode into the house. He kicked the
door shut and snagged the lantern off the kitchen table and brought his young
outlaw up to their room. There, he set the lantern down on the nightstand and
settled Brett on his stomach on the bed.

Jalen stripped Brett completely and helped him into his nightshirt. Then he
quickly followed, spooning together as they had been accustomed to doing after a
spanking and all was quiet in the night.


The next day there were two young men with pillows on their chairs at breakfast.
Dan said, "We need to get back to town. I'm goin' to give Cole here another
chance at manning the Diamond Dust for Gabe."

Cole nodded. "Dan and I talked about it this mornin' before we came down. A
chance to account for myself."

Brett nodded. "Jalen's takin' me into town too. We're goin' to visit Hugo
O'Brian. He's goin' to see if Hugo will allow me to help him along with Herman
at the smithy."

Cole nodded. "Sounds good. I hope he takes you on."

Brett smiled. "Actually I do too. Jalen and I talked about it this morning too
and we thought it was the right thin' to do since I disturbed his work

Dan exchanged a look with Jalen and the Sheriff gave a little nod.

After breakfast Jalen hooked up the little sleigh he'd rented for the winter
from Jack and Dan harnessed up the sleigh he had rented last night and the four
men headed to town and to their respective places to take care of things with
their young men.


A few days after the incident with Cole and Brett Dan sought out Gabe. "Gabe?"

Gabe was in his rooms and smiled to see his brother. "Hello Dan, is there
somethin' I can do for you?"

Dan nodded. "Can you tell me who I need to talk to, to take over the Saddlery?"

Gabe hid his excitement. "Do you mean permanently?" He asked cautiously.

Dan nodded. "Yes, I mean permanently. After this with Cole and Brett it showed
me that maybe the two of us need to settle down somewhere and put down roots.
This vagabond life isn't really much good for Cole. He needs people his own age
to be with and a consistent living arrangement. He gets bored easily on the
train and at least here there are you, my brother and then Jalen and Brett.
We've become good friends." Dan confessed.

Gabe jumped up and hugged Dan tight. "I'm so excited! I know you have gotten
closer to Jalen and Brett and I think it's really great. You need to see Bertram
Fisher over at the bank" Gabe informed Dan.

Dan nodded in acknowledgement of the information and then grinned and returned
the hug, seeing his younger brother's excitement at his announcement.


One day near Christmas Cole had slipped away from Dan for a little while and met
Brett at the smithy. He grinned as he took the knife that had been made for him
by Hugo and with a bit of help from Brett. "He's gonna love this leather knife.
He's been complaining about how he's needed a proper knife to cut the leather
for saddles and such lately. He'll be so surprised." He grinned at Brett.

Brett showed him the knife he had for Jalen. "Hugo helped me to make this for
Jalen. I'm very sure he'll like this too. He can use it for a variety of

Cole nodded and examined the ivory handle and smiled. "I'm glad we thought of
these for them. They'll be surprised and pleased."

Brett grinned. "Uh huh and we didn't get into any trouble makin' them either."

Cole chuckled. "True and for that alone I'm sure they'll be grateful."

The young outlaw grinned. "Now all I need to do is figure a way to get it home
without Jalen knowin' about it."

Cole smiled as he wrapped the knife in a soft piece of leather to protect it.
"Good luck. I'm sure you'll figure it out."

Brett smiled. "Thanks." He went back to what he was doing and Cole left the
smithy with his present for Daniel tucked away. He was happy that he was going
to surprise his partner with something nice for Christmas for once.


Daniel went to see Bertram Fisher the banker about arranging for the sale of the
Saddlery. Once his business with the banker was completed he walked out grinning
and brought the papers back to the saloon.


As the days grew closer to Christmas Dan decorated the saddlery and when Cole
asked him why, when he was just using it for a little while, Dan shrugged and
just told his young partner He was just in the Christmas mood. Cole had accepted
it and had said no more about it.


On Christmas morning Cole handed Daniel his package, now wrapped gaily in pretty
paper and ribbon. He had had help from one of Gabe's girls. They looked at Cole
like a younger brother. They knew he was off limits for anything more.

Dan took the package and smiled as he unwrapped it and grinned as he saw what
was inside.

Cole watched anxiously as Dan opened the package and was relieved when he saw
Daniel grin.

"It's beautiful! Just perfect Cole…just what I wanted and needed." He lifted the
knife which was now sheathed in a leather case that Cole had made himself. He
was a fair leather crafter as well, having learned from Daniel.

Dan reached out and hugged his partner to him tightly, then he handed Cole a
package wrapped with paper and ribbon. Cole asked, "What is it?"

Dan just grinned and said, "Open it up."

When Cole opened it and saw the legal papers and looked them over he whispered
softly, "Really? You mean this?"

Dan nodded. "Really. I mean it. It's time we settled down and had a place of our

Cole threw his arms around Dan and hugged him tight. "It's perfect…how did you
know it's what I was hopin' for?"

Dan smiled and kissed Cole. "We haven't been together all this time and me not
know you by now my wild one."

Cole snuggled up to Dan. "Our own place…forever and ever!" He said excitement in
his voice now.

Dan grinned. "Yes…forever and forever."

Cole kissed Dan with heat and passion and the documents sifted onto the table
unheeded while Dan and Cole made sweet love to each other to seal their
commitment and to celebrate their new life together in Diamond Springs.


A week before Christmas Jalen said to Brett when he came back from his work at
the smithy. "I think it's time we put up our Christmas tree. If we don't do it
soon it'll rot in that bucket. We've been so busy between us we just haven't
taken the time.

Brett grinned. "Yes, it will be fun Jalen. I haven't decorated a tree since the
last Christmas I spent with my folks in Oklahoma."

Jalen said, "Well I haven't really had a proper tree like this one since the
last Christmas I spent with Dallas either." He shared.

"Well, now we can both share in a new tradition." Brett said with a smile.

Jalen lightly cuffed Brett and hugged him. "Yes, a new tradition for both of

Brett said, "It looks like we're goin' to get more snow."

"All the more to get our tree out of the barn and into the house."

Brett nodded and followed Jalen into the barn.


Brett held the tree up in their living room while Jalen steadied and secured it.
It stood tall and straight, it's shapely boughs lending it a stately air. Jalen
and Brett had picked out some tree decorations at the general store shortly
after they'd cut the tree down realizing they had nothing to decorate it with.
Mrs. Hawkins had made some sugar cookies and gingerbread men and had threaded
red and green ribbons through them so they could be hung on the tree. Jalen had
swatted Brett a couple of times to keep the kid from eating all their

Jalen popped corn and they had sat comfortably stringing popcorn and stringing
it on their tree. When all was said and done the tree was handsome.

Brett's blue eyes widened with pleasure when he saw Jalen bring out a packet of
small candle holders and attach them to their tree. He set the candles in them
and said to Brett, We won't light them until Christmas Eve. Once they are lit,
we'll sit by the fire and I'll read the Christmas story out of the Bible if
that's okay."

Brett smiled with pleasure. "It sounds perfect. Can we have hot chocolate too?"

Jalen grinned. "We sure can."

Brett went over and kissed Jalen. "Thank you."

Jalen smiled and hugged his young outlaw tight. "You're welcome and Merry

Brett cuddled into Jalen and said, "Marry Christmas Jalen. You're the best
present I've ever had."

Jalen grinned. "Well if you really want to know kid, you are too."


On Christmas Eve Brett's blue eyes gleamed as he watched Jalen light the candles
on their tree turning it into a wondrous thing of light and beauty.

Jalen watched Brett's blue eyes reflect the candles and smiled and was content.
He poured them hot chocolate and opening the Bible read the Christmas story
aloud as he told his young outlaw he would.

Brett had chosen one of the well padded, overstuffed chairs to curl up in as his
bottom still felt the ache of the spanking that Jalen had given him the night
before for being sneaky and being in danger when bringing home the Sheriff's
Christmas present. He listened to Jalen's wonderfully soothing baritone voice
and once the Bible reading was through began to sing a favorite Christmas Carol.
Jalen joined in and they ended up singing as many carols as either could
remember. When the hour grew late The Sheriff snuffed out the candles and
carried his young outlaw up to their room and their bed where they made sweet
love until dawn peeked in their window finding them both sound asleep.

(The Christmas Present will end this story.)

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