The Young Outlaw - The Christmas Present

Written in response to the WL Christmas Challenge.

Brett bit his lip as he rode Spirit into the yard. It was snowing and it was
beginning to get dark. Luckily the snow made things bright enough to see even
by the faint twilight. He knew he was in big trouble. He hadn't let Jalen know
where he was going. He had slipped out on his chores to take a back road into
town so he could pick up the knife he had had made for him for Christmas. He
had worked some hours in the smithy helping to shoe horses. Jalen had not
thought anything of it when he had asked permission to do that. He thought it
would be a good experience for him to do so. Hugo O'Brian could use the help
but now that the winter months were approaching he didn't have as much work for
Brett. He did agree to make a special knife for him to give to Jalen as a
Christmas present. It had an ivory hilt and Jalen's initials had been carved
into the handle. Brett grinned as he thought about the beautiful knife and how
please Jalen would be with it on Christmas morning. He was quite a bit later
than he had planned. He had taken a back road he thought would lead him to
their home, but had gotten turned around a bit and gotten lost. Now he'd have
to face Jalen.

The Sheriff paced the kitchen watching out the window from time to time for his
young outlaw. It was getting darker and the snow was coming down a bit heavier.
He hadn't been happy to come home and find the chores undone and No Brett. His
horse was gone. He hadn't said he would be working this afternoon and so Jalen
had thought the young man was here at home doing his chores like he was supposed
to, not gallivanting all over the countryside in the snow in an still fairly
unfamiliar area. He was getting more and more anxious, when he thought he heard
a noise in the yard. When he saw it was his outlaw he rushed out to greet him
and hugged him tight. "Where were you? I love you and you worried me. You are
in so much trouble."

Brett returned his Sheriff's tight hug. "I didn't mean to worry you. I'd thought
I'd be gone for only a little while…" The young outlaw trailed off, not wanting
to admit he had hoped to get back before Jalen would know he had even been gone.
He hadn't planned to get lost.

The Sheriff watched his young outlaw's blue eyes and he said, "You didn't think
you'd get caught. If I can guess correctly you thought you could sneak in and
out of town without my knowin' and then I wouldn't be any the wiser." Jalen
shook his head. "No gift is worth you riskin' your life my young outlaw." The
older man pronounced.

Brett looked into the still slightly worried green eyes. "I didn't mean to worry
you; I only wanted to be able to surprise you on Christmas." The younger man
said quietly.

Jalen sighed. "Yes, I know. Let's go into the barn and we'll talk while you put
Spirit up. It's cold out here and the barn will be much warmer."

Brett nodded and went with the Sheriff.

Jalen walked inside with the younger man, staying close. He had been worried and
frightened when it had begun to grow dark and there had been no sign of him in
the snow. He knew better than to go looking as any tracks would be covered up by
the snow as it had been falling steadily and more heavily in the last half hour
or so.

Once Brett had finished untacking Spirit Jalen called the younger man to his
side. "Come sit next to me Brett." He invited, patting the space next to him on
the bench outside the tack room.

Brett went over and sat down and immediately cuddled up close to Jalen.

The Sheriff put an arm around him and pulled the younger man up close and tight.
"I imagine you were a bit frightened out there as well?" He asked softly.

Brett nodded. "Yes…I got turned around and was afraid I wouldn't be able to find
the correct path home. I was able to figure it out with Spirit's help." He told
Jalen. "Even though I knew I was in trouble I was happy to see you come out of
the house and hug me tight." The young outlaw reported.

Jalen smiled. "Well, I too was worried and frightened, but I was also very
relieved to see you ride up into the yard. I love you kid and I wouldn't want
anything bad to happen to you."

Brett nodded. "I love you too Jalen."

The Sheriff nodded. "It's because I love you we need to talk and I need to
correct you Brett."

The young outlaw wrinkled up his nose at that pronouncement. "I know you love me
and can't we just leave it like that?"

The Sheriff asked, "Would you be satisfied if I did that? Would it take care of
your guilty feelings for makin' me worry?"

The young outlaw sighed and said quietly, "No."

Jalen nodded. "Just as I thought. Tell me my young outlaw, what rules did you

Brett bit his lip. "Uhm…I left our home without tellin' you where I was goin',
I didn't finish my chores and you had to do them…and I was tryin' to be sneaky
and got lost which was scary for both of us."

Jalen nodded. "Yes, that's right." He then in one swift move upended Brett. He
reached under him and unfastened his jeans and slid them down along with his
underpants, baring his bottom.

Brett squeaked as he suddenly found himself in a now too familiar position.
"Jalen! please…don't spank me!" Brett begged.

Jalen ignored his young partner's pleas. "I don't ever want to have to worry
over your safety like this again Brett Ashton Montgomery." Jalen said firmly and
then with a pat to the bare mounds to warn of the impending spanking set his
hand to reddening the skin of the bottom over his lap.

Brett squirmed and yelped as a particularly sore spot was spanked until there
wasn't a spot that didn't burn like fire as Jalen's hard hand fell over and over
and then when he was tipped forward he wailed like a small child as that hard
hand continued to fall on his more sensitive sitting area.

Jalen scolded as he spanked a bit harder, "Goin' somewhere without tellin' me
isn't acceptable young man. It will earn you a trip over my knee every time."
Jalen scolded as he spanked the under curves.

Brett howled and Jalen proceeded to spank the young outlaw's sit spots and
scolded, "Shirkin' your chores is also against the rules. The animals depend on
us to care for them. They can't care for themselves." He spanked hard.

Brett wailed once more as the sensitive sit spots were set afire.

Jalen scolded once more. "Bein' sneaky and deceitful is also unacceptable. I
know you wanted to surprise me and you could have without breakin' all the
rules." He told Brett.

Brett was sobbing by now and promising, "I-I won't anymore! I promise!"

Jalen finished the spanking by targeting the under curves once more and
scolding. "You also came home when it was dark. You were lucky the snow was
reflectin' the dyin' light, but it was also growin' heavier and you wouldn't
have been able to find your way…I love you too much to lose you to such a
foolish thing as ridin' in this kind of weather!" Jalen made one more circuit of
Brett's bottom before stopping.

The young outlaw was kicking a bit and sobbing his heart out as the Sheriff set
his backside on fire. He sobbed out his apologies and promises to do better.

Jalen gathered the young man into his arms and cuddled and rocked him making
sure nothing touched his sore bottom.

Brett sniffled and heard the rumble of Jalen's voice in his ear as he quieted
and his crying turned into hitched breaths.

"I'm sorry Jalen; I promise I won't do anythin' so foolish again." He sniffled.

Jalen said softly, "I love you and you're forgiven." He cuddled Brett.

After a while Brett's hitched breaths even out and Jalen found himself with an
armful of sleeping outlaw.

The Sheriff smiled down at the sleeping young man and taking one of the clean
horse blankets hanging nearby wrapped his young outlaw in it and carried him
back to the house, up to their room and laid him carefully on the bed. There he
proceeded to strip him and put him under the bedclothes. Getting undressed
himself he slipped into bed with him and cuddled Brett through the night,
holding him snugly to him even in slumber.

On Christmas morning when Brett presented him with the knife Jalen kissed and
hugged his young outlaw. "I can see why you thought all the trouble you got into
was worth this knife. It's beautiful and I will treasure it forever." He told
his outlaw and gave the young man a passionate kiss.

Brett returned it eagerly and they made sweet love on the rug near the Christmas

The End.

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