The Shooting - Chapter 7

 One evening at home, four weeks after the trial…

Brett had just arrived at home and dismounted. Seeing Jalen coming back from the barn and looking like he'd just finished doing the barn chores, he bit his lip and asked, "What did Doc say? Should you be doin' chores now? I was goin' to try to get back from town a bit early to help."

Jalen said, "Don't fret Brett. He said I could go back to my normal activities, but to not do too much or over do things, to take things slow. I'm sure glad to get rid of that sling and can use my arm more normally now."

Brett nodded. He went to Jalen and hugged him tight and the Sheriff's arms came around his Deputy and hugged him tightly back.

Brett smiled. "I've missed this. I'm glad you can hug me with both arms now. It doesn't hurt does it?" He asked anxiously.

"No, it aches a bit, but it doesn't hurt. Doc says that too will go away the more I use the muscles in my shoulder and chest. He told me it's because of the damage and now that it's healed it just needs to strengthen."

Brett laid his black curls against Jalen's chest and said quietly, "It was my fault."

Jalen reached out and tipped Brett's chin up until the bright blue eyes met his emerald green ones. "If you remember when we talked about this last I told you we were both at fault. I should have known better and listened better and not have been so overconfident, placing myself in danger."

Brett said, "If I hadn't of distracted you for that moment Hawk wouldn't have shot you."

Jalen shook his head. "Brett…I told you before…it wasn't your fault, you saved me from getting' a bullet through the heart. He was about to shoot and I really don't know if I could have outdrawn him. Your quick reflexes threw off his aim and for that I'm very grateful,however your sudden appearance did scare me. I didn't want you puttin' yourself in danger." Jalen squeezed Brett tightly. "I love you my young outlaw and always will. The judge raked me over the coals and for good reason. I won't be makin' that mistake again."

Brett leaned into the hug. "I'm glad, but I still feel bad." The young man confessed.

Jalen nuzzled the curls with his chin and gave Brett a kiss on the forehead. "You're a good partner and a good man to have around Kid; I'm not givin' you any more chances to be taken away. Life wouldn't be the same without you in it." He said quietly.

"The same goes for me." Brett said, "You're the best thing to have ever happened to me."

Jalen gave him a squeeze and a bright smile. "We're good for each other. Go put up your horse now and I'll get our supper on the table." He patted Brett's bottom.

The young outlaw squirmed at the pat but said, "All right. I'll join you in a few minutes."


Once Brett had taken care of his horse and returned to the house he approached Jalen. He had been doing a lot of thinking about everything while he had been taking care of Spirit.

Jalen smiled at the younger man. He had set the table and dished up a hearty venison stew that Mrs. Hawkins had left for the two of them.

Brett had been ready to ask Jalen to spank him, but his courage failed him at the last minute and he said, "Smells and looks good." As the food was dished up.

As they ate Brett filled in Jalen about the things in town, "It's been real quiet ever since the Marshall came for those two. I'm kinda glad they're goin' away for a long time. They were getting' on my nerves."

Jalen smiled and reached out for Brett's hand and nodded. "I'm very sure. I can tell you I could only take those two in small doses and I admire you for bein' able to handle them as well as you did. You did everythin' right. Handled it just as I would have."

Brett smiled. "Yes, I kept askin' myself if I were you how would you have handled this or that and I was able to make it through."

Jalen smiled. "That's good."

Brett asked, "Did Dallas help you all the time the way you help me?"

Jalen nodded. "Yes, he did. It was partly why I missed him so much after he was killed. I'm glad you came along though, You gave me a purpose again."

Brett smiled. "Uh huh, handlin' me is a full time job huh?"

Jalen smiled. "It's not too bad. Like you I just ask myself what would Dallas have done or how did he handle this with me and I do it with you."

Brett almost finished with his stew looked up at Jalen and asked, "Uhm…if you had done what I did with the outlaws and Dallas had been around, how would he have handled it?"

Jalen studied Brett for a moment and smiled to himself. He replied, "He would have given me a good sound spankin'. Remember I told you he dealt with my disobedience and puttin' myself in danger when I told you about the incident with the bull?"

Brett nodded.

"Well the odd thing about that was that because I was feelin' so bad inside I asked him to spank me. He paddled me good and proper for it. It helped with my guilt and dealt with the disobedience and puttin' myself into a dangerous situation issues. Dallas was always consistent with that."

Brett chewed his bottom lip. He glanced up at Jalen, gathering up his courage once more and began, "Uhm…uh…do you think you feel good enough to spank me?" He asked quietly. "I think I need it because I still am feeling bad about everythin'. I think it would set things right."

Jalen's heart swelled with pride. He knew exactly how difficult it had been for his young outlaw to ask to be spanked.

Jalen went over to Brett and put his hands on his shoulders. "I think we can take care of that and set things straight."

"It won't hurt you will it?" The younger man asked anxiously looking up at the beloved face.

"No, It's not always how hard the spanks are, mostly how many of them. I can go slow and easy, but you'll still wonder by the end of it how it hurts so much." He told Brett.

Brett bit his lip, and then nodded. "All right." He said quietly.

"Let's get things here cleaned up and check the animals for the night and then we'll go upstairs and take care of things." Jalen said.

Brett nodded. "Yes Sir." He began to help with the dishes and once they finished with their chores they walked up the stairs, Jalen's arm around Brett's shoulders and holding him snugly to his side until they reached their room.

Once there, Brett took a deep breath and tried to pull away, but Jalen held him close and said, "There's no hurry my young outlaw, let's take things slow and easy." Jalen pulled Brett down onto the bed next to him. "Tell me Brett why are we here?"

Brett hung his head. "Because I disobeyed you about my gun and even though the outcome helped you I still feel guilty for disobeyin' and not tryin' harder to get you to listen."

Jalen put a finger on Brett's lips. "The disobedience you are responsible for, but not makin' me listen. You can't make people do what you want them to, they have to make choices for themselves and that was my responsibility, to listen better."

Brett nodded. "All right. I can understand that."

Jalen smiled good. "So this spankin' is for disobedience and nnothin' more?"

The younger man nodded. "Yes."

Jalen asked, "is there anythin' else you need to deal with other than the guilt of your disobedience?"

Brett considered this question, giving it serious thought and weighing what Jalen had just told him, and then nodded. "My puttin' myself in danger and scarin' you."

Jalen smiled. "Good, that sounds like everythin' now. Let's get this finished. Stand up and take off your jeans and underpants. You won't be needin' them tonight."

Brett gave Jalen a pained look, but did as he instructed.

Jalen thought about things for a moment, and then said, "Go over to the chest and bring me the wooden hairbrush."

Brett's blue eyes widened. He was about to protest, but did as he was bid. He handed it to Jalen biting his lip.

Jalen took it and said, "I know we haven't talked about usin' anythin' but my hand, but due to the circumstances I need a little help and I believe this will be just the help I need. I can't smack you very hard, I don't have the strength, but this hairbrush will produce a good enough sting and I won't have to smack you very hard for it to do that. Are you okay with this?" He asked softly.

Brett met Jalen's green eyes with his blue and listening to the explanation nodded. "Yes, it makes sense."

Jalen then helped guide Brett over his lap, partly supporting him with the bed.

Brett wriggled and tried to find a comfortable position, which of course there was none when he was hanging over his partner's lap.

Jalen wrapped an arm around the young man's waist and held him close to his body. He then patted Brett's bottom with the flat wooden side of the hair brush and landed the first smack.


Bret felt the first smack and it had left a little warmth and sting, but nothing he couldn't handle he decided.

It wasn't much later before he discovered what Jalen had meant earlier. Each smack of that brush was heating his bottom and was becoming more and more uncomfortable. He began to wriggle a bit when the brush found a spot that was getting a bit tender.


Jalen noticed Brett's discomfort and continued the slow steady pace he had set. Dallas had done this to him with a paddle after the bull incident and his arm had healed enough to use it, but Jalen didn't have a paddle and it seemed this was a good alternative.


Brett began to wince and yelped at a couple of smacks that landed in tender places and eventually began to cry. "Oohh, Jalen! I-I'm s-sorry!" He cried.

"I know you are my young outlaw. Just a bit more and we'll be finished." Jalen promised. He continued to scold his partner about his disobedience and placing himself in danger and gave him slow steady spanks, using more wrist action than arm action, snapping the brush down onto the sit spots and under curves until they glowed.

Brett wriggled and squirmed and began to sob as a fire was being lit right where he'd feel it for a while he was quite sure.

Jalen watched and listened to his partner and when Brett hung limp over his lap he smacked him a couple of good ones to the very sore sit spots and under curves and then stopped and rubbed his back in circles.


Brett couldn't believe how much his bottom was burning. Jalen had been right when he said he'd be wondering how this happened. He grimaced and once he had calmed enough tried to get up. He allowed Jalen to help him, but took most of the action on himself, not wanting the older man to strain himself or hurt himself.


Jalen helped Brett as best he could to stand, hugging him once they were both on their feet. He walked over to the wash stand and brought back a cloth to wash Brett's face with, as well as a cup of water for him to drink. He handed him a handkerchief to blow his nose and then put the brush on the chest of drawers. He drew back the covers on the bed and prepared for them to get into it.

They both stripped and Jalen helped Brett to ease onto his side in the bed, and then cuddled up to him, his hot bottom nestled in his groin.

Brett could feel his Sheriff's hardness growing and pressing into his tender backside; He turned over carefully to face Jalen and softly kissed his lips. "I want us to stay this way forever." He said.

Jalen smiled and returned the soft kiss. "Me too, so from now on neither of us takes any unnecessary risks or puts ourselves in a position where we could be separated forever right?"

Brett kissed Jalen once more and then said, "Right."

The End

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