The Kidnapping 4

When they woke it was afternoon and Jalen helped Brett out of bed and they kissed and hugged some. The young lawman was conscious of his partner’s still healing ribs so he didn’t squeeze him as tightly as he wanted to.  

“Let’s get somethin’ to eat and then we should head back to town.”  

Brett sighed. “I wish we could sleep here together tonight.”  

The older man replied, “I do too, but we still have prisoners and it was nice of Jack to help out, but he has a business to run too.”  

The young Deputy agreed. He understood, but couldn’t help voice his wants. It had been so long now since they had an opportunity to be together and he couldn’t help but crave the intimate closeness that he needed right now.  

Jalen, seeing the look in his boy’s eyes couldn’t resist. “We probably have some time before we have to go if you’ve a mind to stay here in bed for a while longer.” He told the younger man, a twinkle in his green eyes. It had been a while for them both.  

Brett’s blue eyes glowed, “Sounds good.”  

The Sheriff pulled his lover to him and kissed him deeply and with a passion born of too long abstinence.  

The younger man, swept up in his lover’s passion gave into the wonderfulness of the kiss returning it in kind, loosing his own pent up passion on his partner.  

Jalen undressed Brett slowly and carefully, kissing the bruises gently as they were exposed and flicked the nipples on the young man’ chest that jumped erect almost immediately. 

Brett let out a low moan as his older lover touched every inch of him gently and lovingly. He craved the closeness and the love his partner was openly giving. It seemed to erase away some of the harsh treatment he had endured and replace it with a familiar warmth instead. 

 Jalen poured out all his own fears and worries into his love making, wanting to make sure his young man knew how much he was truly loved and cherished. He worked his way from the nipples down the taut stomach and to the curls that surrounded Brett’s manhood, standing erect and pulsing with life.  

He took the shaft into one hand and gently moved it up and down creating a friction that hardened the member even more.  

Brett had also taken Jalen’s eager shaft into his own hands and was making his man hard as steel.  

When the young Sheriff knew he couldn’t take much more he flipped his young Deputy’s legs over his shoulders, used the petroleum jelly to prepare him and carefully entered easing into the tightness.  

Brett finding himself being prepared smiled lovingly up at his man and arched his back when his lover entered him in order to have him hit that spot he so much wanted to feel. 

Jalen pumped long and slow allowing his boy to adjust to the fullness before moving faster and faster. He had hold of Brett’s manhood and was stroking it in rhythm to his own pace and they both cried out at the same time as they reached their release and collapsed.  

The older man rolled his younger partner gently onto his side, not wanting his weight to cause his young lover’s still healing ribs to hurt.  

They cuddled there for a while and drifted off to sleep once more.  

When they again woke Jalen got up, realizing it had gotten quite late and said, “We need to get goin’ I’ll make us a couple of sandwiches we can eat on our way to town.”  

Brett pouted, but then nodded. “All right Jalen.” 

He got up with his lover’s help and they washed as best they could without having to pull out the tub and take an actual bath which they didn’t have time for. 

Once washed up good and dressed in clean clothes, they went downstairs together and the older man said while making sandwiches, “Brett, I don’t want you holdin’ things in anymore. If you’re feelin’ scared, angry, or whatever I want us to talk about it. I won’t tolerate bein’ snapped at all the time. It’s hard feelin’ like a target.”  

The younger man hung his head for a moment. “I’ll try, I don’t want to be snappin’ at  you and everyone else either.”  

Jalen replied, “All I ever ask is to try your best. You know Judge Graham won’t put up with any of that in the courtroom either, so it’s best we talk and hopefully things will get better for us. I know holdin’ things inside never has helped. Dallas taught me that a long time ago and helped me very pointedly to learn to talk to him when I was strugglin’ with my feelings.”  

Brett agreed. “’Kay Jalen.”  

Once the sandwiches were made the Sheriff handed his Deputy his two wrapped in a napkin. “Let’s get goin’ then.”  

The young man smiled. “Yes Sir.” He said in a teasing tone.  

The older man smiled and patted Brett’s backside. “Good boy.” He teased back.  

The young Deputy squirmed at the pats, but smiled at his partner.  

They mounted up and rode back to town to relieve Jack, both in a happier frame of mind.


Jack Hillyard looked up at the opening of the office door and smiled when he saw the two lawmen come in. “You two get everythin’ taken care of?”  

Jalen and Brett looked at each other with smiles and said, “Yeah, we got everythin’ we needed to do finished.”  

The livery owner noticed the Deputy more relaxed and the Sheriff looking less worried and smiled. “Good, things here have been quiet. I’ll let you take over now”  

The Sheriff smiled. “All right, and thanks Jack, your help is appreciated.”  

The older man smiled back. “You’re welcome anytime.” He indicated the jail cells. “They’ve been quiet and cooperative.”  

Jalen looked at the prisoners and nodded “Okay. We can take things from here.”  

Jack nodded and left the office  

Once the man had left Rocky deliberately tipped his tin cup for water off the edge of the bed, making it clatter.  

Brett jumped and the man grinned. “A little jumpy Deputy?” He asked slyly.  

Brett glared at the man and The Sheriff said quietly, “Actin’ like that won’t gain you any points when the judge gets here.”  

The man shrugged.  

Jalen ignored him and went back to his paperwork.  

Throughout the rest of the evening the prisoners took turns at trying to startle the young Deputy. Jalen shooed Brett out to make the rounds to get him out of the office for a while, knowing what the men in the jail cells were doing was getting on his nerves.  

When he returned, the young Deputy insisted Jalen make rounds in order to also give him a break from guarding the prisoners and when he was gone they made a point of startling him whenever they could.  

Brett knew they were doing it deliberately and tried to ignore the evil grins they’d have on their faces when he turned to look at them after jumping at the sudden noise they had made.  

When the young Sheriff came back he looked at his Deputy and ask how things had been and the younger man said they had been fairly quiet, not sharing about the outlaws continuing behavior of deliberately startling him, thinking he didn’t want his partner to worry and that he could handle it on his own.  

Jalen was glad when the next day he received a telegram that the circuit court judge Albert Graham would be arriving in three days.   

He went to Roland Harrison to inform him. The attorney looked up as the Sheriff came in. “Hello Jalen.”  

Hello Roland I just got a telegram sayin’ Judge Graham will be here to try the prisoners in three days.”  

The lawyer replied, “All right Sheriff, I’ll bet you’ll be glad to be rid of those four.”  

The young lawman nodded. “Yeah, I sure will.”  

Roland said, “I’ll wire George. If it were someone I wasn’t well acquainted with I could be more objective, but since it’s our own town Deputy…” He shook his head. 

Jalen teased, “He may stop comin’ when all he gets are the bad guys to defend.”  

The lawyer smiled. “Well maybe one day he’ll have to represent one of you instead of me having to do it.”  

The Sheriff replied, “Well I’m not goin’ to say it can’t happen, but I think it would have to be somethin’ pretty odd.”  

The other man grinned. “I’d have to say I’d agree with that statement Sheriff. I’ll send the wire.”  

Jalen nodded. “All right and thanks Roland.”  

The lawyer replied, “No thanks necessary, you know I’ll do my best for our town.”  

The Sheriff agreed. “I know you will Roland, you always do.” Then Jalen went on his way.


The attorney watched as the Sheriff of Diamond Springs left and reflected on how things had changed since his arrival and how since the young Deputy had come to town things had become a bit more lively. He smiled to himself and made his way to the telegraph office to have Kelcy send a wire to his friend George Wright.  

Later in the day the lawyer received a telegram from the other attorney. ‘For such a small town, you sure seem to have your fair share of criminals there stop What are you doing, paying them to commit crimes or something so I have to make a trip there periodically stop I’ll come of course stop Anything to help a friend stop I will be there tomorrow on the late afternoon train stop George.’  

Roland chuckled at the other lawyer’s teasing. So far The man had to defend arrested men for him at least a couple of times now in the past several months.


Jalen went into the jail and said to Brett so the prisoners could hear, “Judge Graham will be here in three days…Roland has wired Mr. Wright to come so he can defend the prisoners.”  

The Deputy replied, “That’s good, maybe it won’t be long after that we can be free of the responsibility of these guys.”  

The Sheriff gave his partner a quizzical look. He had noticed Brett getting a bit more short tempered again lately, but when he asked him if he were all right he had told him he was just fine. The older man was beginning to wonder just how truthful that statement was.  

Over the next couple of days, the prisoners continued to harass Brett. He tried to ignore it and didn’t tell Jalen because he had begun to think that it was being weak and it would only be a little longer and then they’d be rid of the scum.  

The prisoners were sly and only harassed the young Deputy when the Sheriff wasn’t around, knowing the older man wouldn’t have put up with it for very long if he knew what was going on. 

Brett, in the meantime worked very hard at not snapping at Jalen and trying to portray a front of everything being all right.


Attorney George Wright stepped down from the train the day before Judge Graham was due to arrive. Roland Harrison met him at the station.

“Hello George.” He extended his hand to shake the other man’s.  

George gave the lawyer a grin and a firm handshake. “So, here I am again. Perhaps I should open another office here in Diamond Springs.” He teased.  

Roland laughed. “Might not be a bad idea. You may grow to like rural living instead of the hustle and bustle of the big city.”  

The other man smiled. “Oh, I’d miss it, but visiting here is a pleasure.”  

The other attorney smiled. “It could grow on you.”  

George laughed. “If I have to keep coming here to defend the criminals who you can’t deal with all the time I might have to do that.”  

The two men walked to the hotel and Roland filled George in on the case.  

The other lawyer shook his head. “First degree kidnapping…that would be a minimum of 20 years in prison if not more depending on what Judge Graham thinks and he’s pretty tough on the bad guys.” He grinned at Roland.  

The other attorney replied, “That he is, even on our young law enforcers.” 

Roland replied, “Yes, despite his toughness and gruffness he’s one of the most fair judges I’ve come across.”  

After the lawyer from Denver got checked in and settled he said, “Let’s go over to the jail. I’ll need to meet with the prisoners and see what we’re dealing with.”  

Roland nodded. “All right.” He led the way over to the Sheriff’s office.  

As the door opened Jalen and Brett looked up to see the two attorneys coming in. They stood up. “I was expectin’ you sometime today.” The Sheriff remarked.  

Roland smiled. “You remember George Wright?”  

“Yes, of course we do.”  

George shook hands with the two lawmen.  

“We’ll leave the two of you to do what you do best.” He said, grabbing his hat and waiting for the young Deputy to follow suit.  

When the lawmen left, Roland said, “I’ll leave you with your clients, come over to the office after you’re through.”  

The other man nodded. Once the lawyer from Diamond Springs left George faced the men. “Gentlemen, my name is George Wright. I’m the lawyer who will be defending you at your trial. I’m not sure if the lot of you realize it, but first-degree kidnapping carries a minimum sentence of twenty years if not more if you’re convicted and the judge could add to that if he deems you deserving of more.”  

The outlaws gave each other angry looks.  

George said, “I’m going to defend you and try to either get the judge to agree to the minimum sentence if I’m unable to get him to agree to a lesser charge. I’ll even try to see if he’ll agree to place the four of you on probation.” 

The men all looked at each other. “Ya gonna be able ta get us off Mr. Wright? What’s probation? Ain’t never heard of it.” Rocky said.  

George looked at the man “I’ll do my best to see you have a fair and just trial. Probation is a fairly new program, a lot of places haven’t used it, but it was started out east. Basically, someone agrees to be responsible for you and help the person to stay on the right path so they don’t continue to break the law. I’ll need for all of you to tell me exactly what you did and your reasons for kidnapping the Deputy in the first place.” He said sternly.  

The men all exchanged looks with each other at the lawyer’s description of the probation program. Then, one by one began to share their thinking and the details of the kidnapping, attempting to minimize things.  

When They were finished, George put away the pad of paper and pencil he had been using to take notes with and said soberly, “Gentlemen, I’ll do my best, but I want to tell you honestly, getting off completely doesn’t look very good and I’m not sure what the judge will think about letting you participate in the probation program.”  

The prisoners frowned.  

As I said,  “I’ll do my very best to represent you and that you have a fair trial.”  

The men just nodded, knowing the man had spoken the truth.  

When George had finished, he went to the town attorney’s office.  

The lawyer looked up as the other man stepped inside.  

Roland asked, “Not the easiest case?”  

George shook his head. “They want me to get them off completely, but I don’t see how. I can try for the minimum, but we both know how Judge Graham can be. I also told them about probation, like you did with Brett, but I’m not sure he will go for that either.”  

The other lawyer nodded. “Yes, I do know how he can be and it won’t hurt to try for probation, although I’m not sure who would be willing to take any of them on.”  

George shook his head and chuckled. “Well, wish me luck.”  

Roland grinned. “Good luck.”  

The other man smiled and left to return to his hotel room to prepare for the upcoming trial the day after next.


When the afternoon train pulled into Diamond Springs the next day, Jalen was there to observe those who disembarked as was his habit. He wanted to spot anyone who’s face was on one of the wanted posters in his office. Brett was holding down the fort at the jail, continuing to guard their prisoners. When Judge Albert Graham got down from the train the young Sheriff went up to the man. “Welcome to Diamond Springs Judge Graham.” He said respectfully.  

The stern looking man hid a smile as he observed the young man greeting him. He liked this lawman and his new deputy, reformed outlaw.  

“Hello Sheriff and thank you.” He shook Jalen’s hand.  

“Can I escort you to the hotel Sir?” the Sheriff asked politely.  

“Yes, you may young man.” Albert responded, collecting his bag and walking with Jalen. “I assume we’ll be holding court at the Diamond Dust Saloon as usual?” He asked.  

The Sheriff replied, “Yes Sir. Gabe Fairmont will see to it that everythin’ there is in order.”  

The Judge said, “Good, thank you.”  

The lawman knew better than to try to discuss the upcoming trial with Albert so asked, “Would you like company for dinner Sir?”  

Judge Graham pinned the young man with a look. “Who will be guarding your prisoners?” knowing that the lawmen took turns in these situations and also thinking it wouldn’t be a real good idea to leave the young outlaw exposed to the prisoners after his ordeal for very long periods of time. He had reviewed the allegations prior to arriving and was a little concerned for the young Deputy, although he didn’t show it outwardly.    

The young Sheriff replied, “My deputy and I have another man, Jack Hillyard, the livery owner deputized, so Brett can get a break from them and rest for a while.”  

Albert nodded in approval. “Very good. I’d like company at dinner then.”  

Jalen smiled. “What time would be convenient Sir?”  

The Judge replied, “Let’s meet at seven-o’clock.”  

The lawman replied, “I’ll meet you in the hotel dining room about then.”  

Judge Graham pinned the young man with his piercing brown eyes and said “Punctuality is important Sheriff. I’ll expect you exactly at seven.”  

Jalen blushed a bit and said, “Yes Sir, seven o’clock, on the dot.”  

The Judge gave him a curt nod. “I’ll meet with you then.”  

The young man, having arrived at the hotel with Albert Graham replied, “Yes Sir, I’ll be there and on time.”  

The Judge said, “Very good.” He then went inside and Jalen finished his rounds, ending up at the Sheriff’s office.  

He saw Brett as he entered and announced loud enough for the prisoners to hear, “Judge Graham has arrived. I saw him to the hotel.”  

The young Deputy looked up. His face was stony. “Good.” He said shortly.  

Jalen raised an eyebrow. “Why don’t you take a break and I’ll stay here for a while.”  

Brett got up. “’Kay.” He said brusquely, but Jalen didn’t miss the look of relief that had flitted across his Deputy’s face and reflected in his blue eyes.  

“Take your time, there’s no need to hurry back.” He encouraged his young man.  

“I will, thanks Sheriff.” He said and after putting on his hat left the office.  

The lawman eyed the prisoners, then settled down to handle some correspondence he had picked up at the post office.


Brett walked around town, making his rounds. He waved at people he knew and conversed with others as was his usual manner. When he walked past the blacksmith’s shop and Hugo’s hammer rang out he jumped at the sudden sound and scowled at having done that. It frustrated him at how jumpy he had become after his abuse at the hands of the outlaws and he tried not to show it, just moving on. He was glad the judge had arrived and they would soon be rid of the scoundrels in the jail. They too had been grating on his nerves and he was wanting to be able to go to their own home at night and be in a peaceful place for a while, away from the hustle and bustle of the town along with the noise of the saloon and other places. He took his time as Jalen had suggested and felt a bit better as he went along on his duties.  

After a couple of hours, he went back to the jail. 

Jalen smiled as Brett entered the office and asked, “Why don’t you go into the back room for a while and relax? I still have a bit more paper work to finish up here and then we can just watch over the prisoners together for a bit. Then I’ll make the rounds again and when I come back I’ll have Jack come and keep you company. I’m havin’ dinner with the judge and afterward if Jack’s willin’ we can go home and come back in the mornin’.”  

Brett’s blue eyes widened and he smiled a real smile at the mention of them spending the night at their own home. It wasn’t often since the prisoners came they had had a chance to do that. They did have to care for their animals and Jalen had engaged one of the boys in town to go out and care for the cow and chickens, allowing him to take the milk and eggs as payment for his services. The boy’s mother was grateful for the extra and as they couldn’t use it themselves had no difficulty in giving it.  

The Sheriff was glad to see the genuine smile on his man’s face and his eyes light up. Brett had been looking very stressed lately and he had thought a night at their own place before the trial would be good for both of them.  

Brett did as Jalen had suggested and went into the back room, closing the door behind him, shutting himself away from the constant harassment of the prisoners. He lay on the bed and before he knew it was sound asleep.  

Jalen, seeing his Deputy complying without argument thought about Brett. The young man had not been himself since the events that happened to him. He was hoping once the prisoners were gone the young man would return to himself for the most part. The lawman knew it would take time for his partner to make more progress in his recovery, but couldn’t help hoping that it would be sooner than later.  

After a while, the Sheriff went to the back room and woke his young deputy. Brett slowly opened his blue eyes, then smiled at Jalen. The older man bent and kissed his boy. “Well I see you’re among the livin’ still.” He teased as the other man sat up, rubbing his eyes and looking for all the world like a little boy just awaking from a nap.  

It made Jalen smile. “Well tonight we’ll be home and the trial will begin tomorrow. Then he asked with both affection and concern, Are you up to it my Outlaw?”  

Brett nodded. “Yeah, I think so…I have to say I’ll be glad when they're gone and things go back to normal again and we can be at home every night except for the times we need to be here for the drunks at the end of the month when the miners come into town.”  

Jalen put an arm around Brett’s shoulders and squeezed him “So will I. I notice you’ve been a bit more stressed again, is there anythin’ you want to tell me or need to talk about?” He asked, his eyes reflecting concern.  

Brett shook his head. “No, I’m handlin’ things all right.” He told the older man.  

Jalen studied his young man and although he still saw something in his eyes wasn’t quite able to discern what it was exactly. Something had been lurking there ever since the kidnapping and he could only attribute it to the events the younger man had suffered at the hands of the men in the cells. He too hoped fervently things would go back to being more normal once the Marshall came for these no counts.  

The two men sat in companionable quiet for a time, just spending time together, watching over the prisoners. The men in the cells behaved and when it came time for Jalen to make the rounds he said, “Deputy, I’m goin’ to make the rounds. On my way back I’ll get Jack.”  

Brett agreed. “All right Sheriff.” He said in a businesslike manner.  

The lawman left and while he was gone the prisoners began their harassment of Brett once more. He thought to himself he would never be so glad as when those bastards would be taken away and he wouldn’t have to deal with them again.  

Slick laughed evilly when he clattered his cup against the iron bed unexpectedly and watched the young man jump. “still jumpy ain’t ya Deputy?” He asked in a snide tone. 

The young man ignored the taunt, even though he was grinding his teeth.  

This went on until one of the prisoners noticed a shadow at the door and signaled the others to look innocent.  

Brett looked up as the men became quiet, seeing Jalen with Jack at the entrance to the Sheriff’s office.  

“Everythin’ all right Deputy?” He asked as the livery owner followed him inside.  

“Everything’s quiet” He responded, a tight look on his face.  

The other man looked at the younger one assessingly. He turned to Jack, glancing at his pocket watch and said, “It’s time I got over to the hotel and met with Judge Graham for dinner.” He made a decision, thinking his lover staying with the livery owner watching over the prisoners wasn’t as good an idea as he had originally thought. He said, giving his young partner a no nonsense look the prisoners couldn’t see and told him, “You make sure you get somethin’ to eat at the café. I want you to go over to the saddlery and have Dan and Cole go with you.” He ordered, so only Brett could hear.  

The Deputy raised his eyebrows in surprise and then pouted for a moment when the Sheriff told him he had to go, but liked the idea of spending time with their friends instead of with Jack at the jail. Keeping the fact they would be at their own home tonight in mind, he smiled, losing the pout.  

“Okay Sheriff." he acquiesced with a smile.  

Jalen smiled back and said, “All right. I’ll see you later when I’m through with dinner.”  

Brett replied, “All right, I’ll see you in a while then.”  

The Sheriff gave him a squeeze on the shoulder, turned to Jack and said, “I’ll be back in a couple of hours, then we’ll head out for home for the night.”  

The livery owner said, “Good, I’ll hold down the fort here.”  

Jalen then smiled at the older man and headed for the hotel.


Brett went to the room in the back and washed his face and combed his hair and then, looking in the mirror and believing himself presentable came out into the office. There were still some fading bruises, but he didn’t look nearly as bad as when he had been released from Doc Mac’s office. The prisoners looked at each other with little smiles, a bit relieved and hoping that things wouldn’t go so badly for them when they had to face the judge the next day.  

The young Deputy gave Jack a smile. “I’m goin’ out now too. I’ll be back in a while.”  

The older man smiled back and said, “Take your time, no hurry, these scoundrels aren’t goin’ anywhere.” He told Brett indicating the prisoners.  

The younger man replied, “Okay, thanks.” He left the office and headed for the saddlery where he found Dan and Cole locking up for the night.  

Cole, seeing his best friend grinned “Hello there Brett. Where’s your other half?” He teased.  

“He’s havin’ dinner with Judge Graham and said I should go to the café and drag you two along with me.”  

Dan chuckled. “Well I’m not too sure you’ll need to drag either of us. I’m for one hungry.”  

Cole nodded. “Me too and we all know Dan’s cookin’ skills.” He winked at the older man who made a face in return.  

The three men walked over to the Diamond Café and went inside.


Jalen arrived at the hotel dining room right at the seven o’clock hour as he told the Judge he would.  

Albert Graham was just arriving at the same time and nodded at the young Sheriff. “Right on time I see.” He remarked.  

The Sheriff replied, “Yes Sir. Just like I promised.”  

The older man nodded brusquely. “Good. A man of his word. I like that.” He told the younger man.  

The lawman went into the dining room with the Judge and they had casual conversation over dinner, enjoying each other’s company and avoiding talking about the upcoming case in the morning.


Dan and Cole escorted Brett back to the jail and saw Jalen coming across the street from the hotel and he joined them.  

“How was dinner with the Judge?” The Sheriff’s friend asked in a teasing tone.  

Jalen made a face. “The duties of a lawman.” He remarked. “It was okay. He’s an interestin’ man at least.”  

Dan nodded. “Better you than me.” He continued to tease, a glint in his violet eyes.  

The young Sheriff gave him a friendly punch on the shoulder. “Next time I’ll take you along.” He threatened.  

The other man grinned and shook his head. “Uh uh, wild horses couldn’t drag me.”  

The two young men shook their heads and grinned at each other. It was fun to see the older men teasing each other and acting more like boys at times.  

The foursome walked to the jail and Dan asked, “You ready for tomorrow?”  

Jalen said, “About as ready as we can be. Brett and me, we’re goin’ home tonight. Jack has agreed to man the office and guard the prisoners for us.”  

The saddler nodded and said seriously, “Good, you two need a good night’s sleep and time to wind down a bit before facing the trial tomorrow.”  

The Sheriff nodded. “Yes, that’s what I thought too.”  

Dan gave Jalen’s shoulder a squeeze. “Well you take care and we’ll see you tomorrow.”  

The lawman smiled and said, “Thanks.”  

Cole was doing the same with his friend and once the younger men said their good-byes Dan and his young man headed for their quarters at the back of the saddlery and Jalen and Brett stepped inside the Sheriff’s office.  

Jack looked up as the two men entered and smiled. “You two ready to head out for the night now?” He asked.  

Jalen replied, “Yep, if you need anythin’ don’t be afraid to go get Dan over at the saddlery.”  

The livery owner agreed, “Don’t you worry over anythin’ now. You two go home and have a good rest.”  

Jalen replied, “All right. See you in the mornin’.”  

Jack waved the men off and they walked over to the livery and got their horses, knowing that the livery owner would have no issue with them collecting their mounts and heading on home.


The next morning Gabe Fairmont, the owner of the Diamond Dust Saloon began to prepare for the Judge’s arrival as it was the usual place for him to hold court when he came. He carefully covered the picture of the nude woman that hung on the wall behind the bar as well as the shelves of liquor displayed there.  

Dawn, one of the saloon girls came downstairs and smiled at the man. “Looks like you’re hard at work Gabe, the Judge will be hearing Brett’s case today?”  

The saloon owner nodded as he worked. “Yes, and I’ll be glad to see that over with.”  

The girl replied, “Yeah, our young Deputy don’t need them bad guys hangin’ ‘round any longer than needed.”  

Gabe agreed. “Nope, you’re right about that Dawn.”  

He finished with his work and asked, “How does that look?”  

The young lady eyed the work critically, went over and tweaked the coverings a little, stood back and said, “That’s better. It looks good.”  

The man smiled. “Thank you.”  

The girl smiled back. “I’ll be upstairs and we’ll use the back stairs if we leave for any reason. We wouldn’t want to disturb the proceedings.”  

Gabe agreed. “Thank you.”  

Dawn smiled at the saloon owner and went back upstairs to talk to the other girls.



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